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Bean posing for the camera. :)

they are all warbling themselves to sleep at the moment, so it sounds like a bird store in my office.

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bean is the cuddly one, so she's the one I carry around sometimes. :) she likes to nest in the palm of my hand and fluffs her little beard feathers up. little cup o' bird.

did these last night and just finished cutting them out.

been gone most of the day. doctor related stuffs and then I passed out for a three hour nap lol

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Every Movie: Look at this disheveled woman returning from years in a barren wasteland!

Me: Wow, her mascara and eyeliner are perfectly applied.

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watching a stream of cities:skylines and in a brunch food-coma

mr. painted bunting keeps hanging out in the front porch, so I put some seed out for him. happy little rainbow bird.

made a casserole even thought it's super blazing hot outside, so why not HEAT UP THE OVEN :birb_oh_no:

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this is what UPS customer service looks like

it got chewed up in Dallas. they sat on it for FOUR DAYS until I asked them where the fuck it was. then they drop it on my front porch like this, and stuff inside was also damaged.

got a refund from the retailer, but god damn UPS wtf

here's a couple photos of my herd of keets. :) they play hard, and nap hard.

couldn't get a good shot of the bunting, but it's a beautiful bird. especially in the sunlight. (sorry for the bad photos)

we've had a painted bunting on our front porch eating some tall grass seed most of the day. :) got a lot of crappy photos thru the blinds, because the bird is skittish and I knew he appreciated the shade. we get a few of these a year. :) rainbow birds.

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time for cities:skylines

wew :blobnomcookie:

nevermind, husband decided we are watching a movie.


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