watched the first season of "Counterpart" last week (tv show) and it was really good.

if we're living in a simulation, where's my sims money cheat :blobnomcookie:

why don't they just include what you need with the expensive ass dishwasher to begin with? oh, because they want to see you extra kits and pretend that's normal and ok

trying to install a dishwasher and realizing we didn't get all the parts we needed :birbblobpats:


all four of them on a playset 🙂
whole room full of stuff to do and they end up crowding together anyway

3/4 parakeets shown
Maze was off exploring or something.

miss chicken is four months old now :) she gets insulted when I won't let her play on my art desk.

I also am not following a theme for inktober, so it's just a grab bag of fail lol :blobnomcookie: I bought a box o' sharpies off amazon and I really like them.

ok so I'm 2/7 on because life happens. :blobmelt:

disclaimer: I don't know how to draw, so this is just practice for fun.

pen: sharpie water-resistant .8 mm

made the bird on my coloring page into a mockingbird 😆

inspired by the real one that likes to peek in the screen door.

went out for a drive to the post office and got to see two huge cranes hoisting the big fiber cables over the lake.


(they couldn't get a permit for going under the lake or bridge, so they went over lol)

an attempt was made

(making a mess with oil pastels)

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