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Oliver likes to sneak onto my desk and chew on my notebook, so there's beak marks all over the cover. 🙄

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I've wasted a lot of money on various gadgets, but at the same time they get re-purposed or I learn a lot from messing with them. so it's all good, I guess.

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working/cooking in the kitchen.
paid a lot of bills.
raining all day, kinda meh. 😶

somewhere a paula has a honda that needs to be serviced, and I'm getting those emails instead. paula, where are you? get your honda serviced before it's too late.

need to train hummingbirds to fight bugs.

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was gonna install a VM to mess around, but the Windows download appears to be missing

or I'm dumb. either way. imma take a nap.

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"What are these 'table manners' that you talk about?"

@minego what distro of Linux do you use? i used to go on distrowatch and just try random stuff. but 2008 was a long time ago, so I don't know what's good now

both birbs in my lap fighting over who gets to sit on my foot. :birb_oh_no:

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new member of mike cole fan club.
seriously, she loves streams. 😆

just got home. had doctor appointment. raided the local taco bell.

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