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back in the good section of the liquor store, i ran into an old man with an oxygen tank. i am drinking the correct stuff!

on the checkout person's nametag: "serving you since 2015" ...yeah that feels about right.

religions i've invented 

the church of achoo: when you sneeze, a soul does indeed escape. but that's fine, we all have lots of souls, including grass we've trod on, pets we've said goodbye to (or have sneezed on us) etc

reevocarnlutionism: die in a funny or memorable way to be reincarnated as something more evolved

matholicism: 3's are holy, but never use 6's

psyology: creativity is a myth, psychic powers are real. when you imagine, you're perceiving a real alternate dimension

final fantasy to present reality conversion chart:

potion = lager
hi-potion = porter
x-potion = imperial stout
...elixirs must be various ages of whiskey.
...pretty sure espers aren't legalized yet.
crystal = crystal

whenever i sneeze, and my cat :autumn: is within earshot, she chatters at me as if to make a counterpoint, or perhaps to correct an important faux-pas that i've made.

breakfast this morning raised another clue that i may in fact be ron swanson: i think those eggs were for everybody.

i shot, directed and edited a short movie for the 48-hour film festival recently. it won some awards, including best film. :^) we drew the genres "fantasy" or "family film", and chose both.

battletoads rant 

by rights i should be thrilled that there's a new battletoads, but... meh. just looks bland and joyless. (of course being owned by microsoft now doesn't help.)

it stinks of "soulless reboot" the same way the ninja turtles and ducktales did, right down to the boring-ized logo.

@autumn :autumn: is running around like a big freak and literally screeched around a corner like slipping car tires or shoes on a basketball court.

humans: hey, let's control water!
nature: pff, amateurs.

(may or may not be inspired by carrying 200 gallons of water out of my basement in the last couple days)

i may as well embrace it... i'm the ron swanson of my workplace. (no, i can't take nearly enough for granted to be libertarian; just bear with me here.)

my job is to write and repair code, but my own aim is to delete large amounts of it. on my happiest days, our codebase shrinks enough to make others worry.

also, whiskey.

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Minnesotans, we have the opportunity to demand our right to repair the devices we own! Tell your legislators to support HF 1138 (even the bill's number is awesome!)

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been curled up on a warm hooman's lap too long, time to cool off.

ugh, my shopping cart is like my country. without a great deal of effort, it just keeps veering right and wrecking stuff.

my nephew and his friends asked me to play fortnite with them. (not my thing, but whatever, they're into it.)

i took one of them down, and the others mocked him for getting killed by a "default". this is, i gather, a slur for someone who hasn't bought any character models.

we don't need to teach kids prejudice, they'll figure it out.

i would do the dishes, but i figuratively and literally ran out of spoons at the same time. :trombone:

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Hot take: economics is largely built upon a foundation of bullshit, but some of it is not entirely bullshit. Right now, economics is like alchemy. Some of the principles are correct, or even useful, but the fundamentals are just flat-out deadass wrong. It's alchemy, and we need to turn it into chemistry.

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