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I’m sick to death of people being precious about #GMO produce. Functionally there is no difference between a grape bred to have little or no seed and a grape that has been modified in a lab for the same thing. Y’all are just scared of science.

You wanna talk about #Monsanto charging for “licenses” for their crops, ok. Talk about agribusiness killing the planet, ok. Talk about corporations copyrighting genetic code, ok. These are all valid concerns.

But the science is sound.

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started up the new wolfenstein.
things have gotten fancy since the ol' dos raycaster!

killed a bunch of nazis, and the plan is now to liberate the usa from some more nazis. i'm not big on fps games but this is a premise i can wholeheartedly get behind!

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reverse vampire: you can only see their reflection

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I'm gonna say it

it's been almost 10 years since the Pré came out and modern smartphone operating systems still haven't caught up to where it was from an UX standpoint. It may /look/ dated now but just usability-wise, WebOS is still light-years ahead

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Don't know if y'all're interested, but on the off chance anyone would like a print, I tossed Pudge and his mummy up on Redbubble too:

(if not, please boost- every little bit helps me make a little bit more art 😊🙏)

#art #prints #digitalart #mastoart #illustration

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on my timeline, right next to an "i'm gay" post is an "it's ok to not come out" post. cool, and also cool. :^)

by request: a cuttlefish emojiwhatsit!
and since this is birbsite...

it's cool that fortnite is on switch now, but the game seriously needs a "what the hell is any of this stuff and how do i do anything" mode. or maybe it's only intended to be played by millennials who grew up playing minecraft and (insert relevant shooter) simultaneously.

ten points to the first duo to use these to blob-fistbump each other in a timeline.

while i showered, :autumn: @autumn drank my water for two minutes straight. my wife was kind enough to document and report it.

can't tell too much anymore, but :autumn_book: somebody mashed up against the chalk wall and got himself all pink'd up.

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