@revolverocelot 'cause we're old and gross and kleenex explode at the daintiest whiff of pressure and oh god i'm sorry we really are disgusting aren't we

religions i've invented 

@alex "wasona". well done, you win one internet.

final fantasy to present reality conversion chart:

potion = lager
hi-potion = porter
x-potion = imperial stout
...elixirs must be various ages of whiskey.
...pretty sure espers aren't legalized yet.
crystal = crystal

@canary yeah i suppose not so funny to you at the moment. sorry! i hope someone has actual advice and you feel better.

@themorgangoats it was a cute premise, but yeah it's been coasting and getting increasingly lame and desperate for ages now.

@Jo uff, yeah that was gross. i like ubi's starlink design though!

@Jo just twice, 64 and zero, but it sure feels like more. :^)

whenever i sneeze, and my cat :autumn: is within earshot, she chatters at me as if to make a counterpoint, or perhaps to correct an important faux-pas that i've made.

@cryptoad slackware, but in college i went through a whole distro-bending phase.

breakfast this morning raised another clue that i may in fact be ron swanson: i think those eggs were for everybody.

i can't speak for projects i don't run, but it may help to abandon the "benevolent dictator for life" mindset. hand off to new blood after ten years. or three, or one. some leaders do great long term work (volkerding, even stallman and torvalds) but many projects (including mine) would benefit from being given to a new primary maintainer after a while.

naturally, this is trickier with larger projects. but, copyright should be ten years tops, so why not "control" of a floss project.

i shot, directed and edited a short movie for the 48-hour film festival recently. it won some awards, including best film. :^) we drew the genres "fantasy" or "family film", and chose both.


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