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dear greedy corporations and ignorant governments,

we already gave you tld's like .com and .gov so stop trying to take over and/or wreck the rest of the internet. play nice or gtfo.

the entire human race

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@thomasfuchs @dosnostalgic i had to look this up, and sure enough, not a raycaster! such similar effects and artifacts, drawn with surprisingly different strategies. cool!

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@Jo if it was me, i'd say to check if you're carrying them already.
my tastes are exactly opposite of whomever this is for. i'd replace a laptop's lcd display with e-ink, and make the keyboard big and chunky!

at 2am every day, play death metal music at maximum volume.

i have not yet had it in me to say this out loud when visiting friends/relatives who own such a device.

@scearley today i learned how to covertly drink bloody marys anywhere, while convincing anyone nearby that i'm not drunk, just eccentric.

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@UberGeek well said. conversely, projects should take care when rejecting patches for features which users are begging for.

so, crystal pepsi is a thing again, huh? i don't drink pop anymore, but i'm willing to try a really weird-looking rum and coke.

to the 90s; may some of that optimism also make a comeback.

@sonicbooming exactly. :^) and there are games where i enjoy the emergent stuff. just not that one.

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