battletoads rant 

@autumn :autumn: is running around like a big freak and literally screeched around a corner like slipping car tires or shoes on a basketball court.

@QuestForTori i personally was interested in reviving a style of rare classic. they did banjo-kazooie, now on to donkey kong country. here's hoping they do it all, from battletoads to jet force gemini to blast corps to rc pro am!

that said, yes, i hope they do more 3d collectathons too :^)

@revolverocelot my apologies on behalf of large drunk men. at any given moment i'm at least two of those three things.

(but i drink at home like a proper old person, plus i'm a big teddybear, so you needn't fear me personally :^)

humans: hey, let's control water!
nature: pff, amateurs.

(may or may not be inspired by carrying 200 gallons of water out of my basement in the last couple days)

@picklemaddierix a long-term project of mine includes a pun shop, which i'd now love to include a pen fountain, with your permission. :^)

musk horny. the smell, not the guy 

@burgin @gayalien i don't know, sammy hagar. i believe there may be multiple paths to rocking.

@gayalien as it turns out, there _is_ return from 86. but you don't know where i'll be found, when i come around.

i may as well embrace it... i'm the ron swanson of my workplace. (no, i can't take nearly enough for granted to be libertarian; just bear with me here.)

my job is to write and repair code, but my own aim is to delete large amounts of it. on my happiest days, our codebase shrinks enough to make others worry.

also, whiskey.

@idesofmerch i was skeptical, but your arguments are too good. i have no choice but to agree. :^)

my platform (not everything I want, just what I think would get votes): 

@nev i knew heraclitus but had to look up dril. in that moment i felt successful at life. :^)

@BestGirlGrace i like to think there are worlds where tapes and large cartridges and optical disc caddies are still used.

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