@JordiGH ya don't evar love ah pancake quite like thaat again.

@sillystring thank you! we weren't on drugs, but you may be on to something with our emotional issues. :^)

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we got two smores each out of my crappy first try with our fire pit. i haven't mastered this newfangled "fire" technology, but i'm learning.

:autumn: @autumn has a distinct style of sprawling which her (larger) little brother :autumn_book: @book has started to emulate.

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what's more fun than a jackhammer in the basement? two jackhammers! ...this is gonna be a long few days.

come here, give me some sugar. or some artificial sweetener, i won't know the difference.

@V please tell me those are both actual names of more-specific and/or rival communities.

"four times cleaner that what? what's the unit of measure for cleanliness?"
"up to 100 or more, so literally any number?"
"so this show is popular among insecure men, well that narrows it down"
"so if we buy your insurance, you send a jerk to come wreck our car. got it."
"why yes, my debt does take the form of poorly-superimposed stacks."

wife came home exhausted, craving her usual at a specific restaurant, and completely depleted of the energy to go out and deal with people and/or trafffic.

i cooked her that meal (or as close as i could get) and made her so happy.

basic cooking skills are a super power!

back in the good section of the liquor store, i ran into an old man with an oxygen tank. i am drinking the correct stuff!

on the checkout person's nametag: "serving you since 2015" ...yeah that feels about right.

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