a good friend of mine just released an album. hope you enjoy it; share if you do! :^)

:autumn_book: @book may be late for but he's right on time for being a very warm (and sultry) kitty.

@stelepami a friend of mine uses "boss" in that context. i suppose stuff like "captain" could work too. (if a degree of playfulness is appropriate, anyway.)

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@minego fun; the week after is filmapalooza in rotterdam, where they'll be screening 150 city winners from the 48 hour film project. (not holding my breath to make the "best of" there :^)


i'm going to amsterdam the last week of february, and every hotel/booking site i've found is awful (only 2 left! extra 10% off when you register!)

fediverse: any advice? (on places to stay, or on sites to use that don't drip sleaze)

advice and boosts welcome :^)

@readytherhinos one person's being called out is another person's "ooh that's a neat idea". ;^)

@VyrCossont many cats refuse to implement single sign-on. :autumn: autumn requires auth per-skritch, even if she's asleep on my lap, though :autumn_book: book doesn't authenticate anything ever.

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i see no fresh meat, and no whiskey. none of those are even dinner.

my first exposure to little nemo was the nes game, which is also very fun and well-made!

as we keep learning, what's "good" and what's "commercially successful" are often wildly different.

uk pol, plea for tactical voting, mass death, 215 words 

fellow usa dwellers: please absorb this same message in less than a year. even if [least favorite dem] is nominated.

:autumn_book: @book occasionally dresses up as a bunny, when his mommy has had a few.

@JordiGH ya don't evar love ah pancake quite like thaat again.

@sillystring thank you! we weren't on drugs, but you may be on to something with our emotional issues. :^)

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