i see no fresh meat, and no whiskey. none of those are even dinner.

my first exposure to little nemo was the nes game, which is also very fun and well-made!

as we keep learning, what's "good" and what's "commercially successful" are often wildly different.

uk pol, plea for tactical voting, mass death, 215 words 

:autumn_book: @book occasionally dresses up as a bunny, when his mommy has had a few.

@JordiGH ya don't evar love ah pancake quite like thaat again.

@sillystring thank you! we weren't on drugs, but you may be on to something with our emotional issues. :^)

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we got two smores each out of my crappy first try with our fire pit. i haven't mastered this newfangled "fire" technology, but i'm learning.

:autumn: @autumn has a distinct style of sprawling which her (larger) little brother :autumn_book: @book has started to emulate.

Hot tech take 

what's more fun than a jackhammer in the basement? two jackhammers! ...this is gonna be a long few days.

come here, give me some sugar. or some artificial sweetener, i won't know the difference.

@V please tell me those are both actual names of more-specific and/or rival communities.

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