eye contact, age, alcohol 

punny weather 

two, then four... at this rate @book will have thousands of legs by tonight.

while i showered, :autumn: @autumn drank my water for two minutes straight. my wife was kind enough to document and report it.

can't tell too much anymore, but :autumn_book: somebody mashed up against the chalk wall and got himself all pink'd up.

:autumn: : this represents the natural heirarchy.
:autumn_book: : yes. wait what?

this birb just bonked into a window and is now wandering around in our yard. will keep an eye on it, hope it's just stunned/disoriented.

i've been reading this book and have both enjoyed and not enjoyed it. only recently has it dawned on me how appropriate and/or cute that is.

crayon self portrait, posted without context 'cause it's even sillier that way.

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