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Hey, I'm a geek-type hooman and I have two cat-type birbs:
:autumn: @autumn
:autumn_book: @book
If you would like your birb (or anything else) added on as an emoji, just ask!

the world's my oyster.
but oysters are disgusting.
so, yeah i guess so.

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sadness level: badass new computer won't power on

will see if i can revive it with a new power supply tomorrow, otherwise it's "10 business days" more limping along on the old beater.

@minego oh noes, what happened to your cool new colors?

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i've been reading this book and have both enjoyed and not enjoyed it. only recently has it dawned on me how appropriate and/or cute that is.

my wife and i are hermits, with hermit immune systems. on mothers day we each visited family, which in both cases includes dirty children and teachers of dirty children. now we have the plague or something. correlation does not mean causation but... damn dirty children.

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I implore you to let go of the jaded doldrums this repeated effort has put you in.

When the revolution comes, and they ask where were you when we lost the internet.

Be able to answer with a clear conscience.

medical question: can i kill whatever virii or bacteria are all up in my sinuses by drinking lots of booze? it sounds like a bad idea, but it also sounds like a great idea...

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We have one month until Net Neutrality is repealed.

I know we've done this before... a million times.

I know it's old... boring...

But this is our homeland.

This is our country.

Now get up there in those turrets.

Operate the cannons.

Stop them in their tracks.

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heart-to-heart combat.
i don't know what to do with that. maybe a bromance-themed arcade game, or a new style of extreme therapy...

many places have two (or several pairs of) bathrooms already, but clearly the men/women split is tired. what actual dichotomy should we use instead?
- drunk / sober-ish
- 1% / everyone else
- wizards / warriors
who else has some ideas?

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tossed a couple jalapeño slices in my bloody mary. highly recommended!

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pickle jar: all natural, no preservatives!
me: but ... pickling ... is ...

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