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i shot, directed and edited a short movie for the 48-hour film festival recently. it won some awards, including best film. :^) we drew the genres "fantasy" or "family film", and chose both.

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Hey, I'm a geek-type hooman and I have two cat-type birbs:
:autumn: @autumn
:autumn_book: @book
If you would like your birb (or anything else) added on as an emoji, just ask!

a good friend of mine just released an album. hope you enjoy it; share if you do! :^)

:autumn_book: @book may be late for but he's right on time for being a very warm (and sultry) kitty.

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i'm going to amsterdam the last week of february, and every hotel/booking site i've found is awful (only 2 left! extra 10% off when you register!)

fediverse: any advice? (on places to stay, or on sites to use that don't drip sleaze)

advice and boosts welcome :^)

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:autumn_book: @book occasionally dresses up as a bunny, when his mommy has had a few.

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we got two smores each out of my crappy first try with our fire pit. i haven't mastered this newfangled "fire" technology, but i'm learning.

:autumn: @autumn has a distinct style of sprawling which her (larger) little brother :autumn_book: @book has started to emulate.

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what's more fun than a jackhammer in the basement? two jackhammers! ...this is gonna be a long few days.

come here, give me some sugar. or some artificial sweetener, i won't know the difference.

wife came home exhausted, craving her usual at a specific restaurant, and completely depleted of the energy to go out and deal with people and/or trafffic.

i cooked her that meal (or as close as i could get) and made her so happy.

basic cooking skills are a super power!

back in the good section of the liquor store, i ran into an old man with an oxygen tank. i am drinking the correct stuff!

on the checkout person's nametag: "serving you since 2015" ...yeah that feels about right.

religions i've invented 

the church of achoo: when you sneeze, a soul does indeed escape. but that's fine, we all have lots of souls, including grass we've trod on, pets we've said goodbye to (or have sneezed on us) etc

reevocarnlutionism: die in a funny or memorable way to be reincarnated as something more evolved

matholicism: 3's are holy, but never use 6's

psyology: creativity is a myth, psychic powers are real. when you imagine, you're perceiving a real alternate dimension

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