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The word dinosaur means "terrible lizard."

You are a terrible lizard. Your body regulates your temperature on its own. Your legs are directly underneath your body instead of on the sides of your body. You do not spend most of your time sitting completely still waiting for prey.

You are a very nice mammal, but a terrible lizard. So, I guess you're a dinosaur.

Doesn't Sam look pretty after his shower? (He actually does now that he is dry)

I'm getting too damned old for insomnia. Today is not going to be fun.

My new 3D printer is arriving today, but I can't use it until I've moved! I'm going to be so tempted to open it, but I can't.

11yo: A T-Rex probably could actually clap his hands, because their arms were like as long as yours.
Me: Yeah, but their bodies were a bit wider than mine.
11yo: Oh... Yeah.

I just ordered a DLP resin 3D printer because it is on sale. I can't use it until after I move because I need more space to be sure :sammy: doesn't get exposed to the fumes.

I can't wait!

No song's opening lyrics could ever beat Seretonia by Highly Suspect.

"I wish that everyone I knew was dead,
So that I never have to pick up the phone.
I just wanna be naked,
Masturbate all day at home."

My rental application was (finally) accepted! That was WAY too complicated and stressful.

Now I get more shit and paperwork to do, and then I have to move in 2 weeks! Eek!

Yesterday was a fucking shit show. It seemed that new problems kept showing up all day, and I just froze. I couldn't do anything about any of them except the really urgent ones (sick child can't be ignored...)

Finally around 4pm last night I somehow managed to get my brain to function and was able to do things. By 1am I had dealt with most of it.

Today is off to a better start. I've been productive. I want to be like this every day.

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