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I'm supposed to wear "business casual" tomorrow... Ugh.

8yo while playing Mario Kart on their DS: "I'm violating the rules of the open road! Now I'm drifting!"

Restless Leg Syndrome but everything from the neck down...

I really like the look of some septum piercing jewelry that is a bit thicker so I am now wearing one that is just a bit thicker to try to stretch... It doesn't hurt much but it has kinda just ached for days.

My gf works at a skilled nursing facility that has had an illness scare and is limiting visits and what not. It is probably just people being paranoid about COVID-19, but also, ugh.

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My throat is feeling swollen, and I feel tired and achey... That is usually means I'm getting sick.

So, that's good.

I should find something reasonably healthy to eat and I should go to the gym... I'm not sure either of those are going to happen tonight though.

Whomever invented the q-tip should win the Nobel Peace Prize. For all the years. Retroactively, and going forward.

In other news my ear no longer itches.

I think my new job is going to give me a MacBook... I may have to run a full screen arch VM...

Should I get out of bed today?

12yo (while playing Shadow of the Colossus): Ha! Maybe beards aren't so good, dad! Yours will get you killed when you turn into a giant...
Me: Are you saying I'm getting fat?

Please share your thoughts on mustaches.

Feel free to boost to help ensure we get very accurate and scientific unbiased results for this very important topic.

4 down. I suspect that is all they will play today. Gotta take them to their mom's in a bit.

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