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I ordered a stereo running Android for the Jeep and it showed up yesterday. I am waiting on a wiring kit that should get here tomorrow before I can hook it up.

Today I wired it up just enough to boot it and mess with the software.

It is supposed to support Android Auto but it is terrible at it. The resolution is wrong so everything looks blocky and it only allows single finger touch...

Luckily Headunit Reloaded is able to do the same job and works much better on the hardware.


omg being social is so hard, even with alcohol to help.

It seems that my account has become a strange way for me to cope when I'm anxious about being in public, and little more. I'm sorry.

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These headphones aren't loud enough to block out all of the everything around me...


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I need blinders like horses wear when I ride the train... Seeing shit moving to my sides gives me a headache.

Selfie with eye contact 

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I don't want to worry about how much I drink, so I'm currently sitting on a light rail train on my way to my friend's house. Sadly Utah thinks that running public transportation past 11pm will encourage drinking, so I'll have to get a Lyft to get home.

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I haven't been very social lately, but tonight I'm going to a poker game. Wish me luck.

Damned and their SA keycap drops... I don't want to spend hundreds on keycaps... Again...


Any phone can be foldable if you believe & try hard enough

I need a secondary button in the camera app on my phone. The main button should be for regular pictures and a second shutter button that places the pictures in a special temporary album to use for informational images.

Basically I want to easily sort between pictures of my kids and pets being cute and pictures of where I parked my car or of me putting left overs in the fridge (for the sake of a timestamp)

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