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I've been trying to use Android 10's gesture mode, and I really don't understand why they made it so fucking hard to get to the app switcher!

I want swipe up to go to the switcher and a second swipe up to go to the home screen. That would be perfect!

Let me get to the app switcher without having to hold for 22 seconds you cowards!

I have to go buy all the food for Turkey Day ™️ later today and I'm dreading going to the store because it will be full of people!

I hate waiting for things I've ordered. Why can't it just appear instantly?! Isn't this the future yet?!

A few moments after hitting order on a new phone (mostly motivated by battery life) my phone turned itself off due to a low battery...

If I try to take a selfie my phone will now warn me to raise my phone for a better angle... I feel judged.

It is 9am and my Pixel 2's battery is at 64%... That is pathetic, and a problem. I need a phone with better battery life. Ugh.

Gross, illness, bodily functions, seriously don't read this 

8yo woke up very grumpy. First thing out of their mouth was "Make me happy!"

I mean, I try bud. I really do.

🎶 Breathing is the hardest thing to do 🎶 

Selfie with eye contact 

My 8yo recently got glasses for the first time and I can't get over how adorable they look with them...

They were born 3 months premature and so they have always been very small for their age. Now they are a tiny little person who looks very grown up.

At the same time, their glasses have green aides that match the color of their favorite shoes. All the grown up looking bits mixed with the fun child like bits is a really amazing combination.

I didn't leave the house today, and was hardly on my phone at all and yet it was at 20% by 6pm. That is terrible. I need a new phone... Ugh. has just been renewed for another year.

If you are the parent of a divorced person and are considering inviting your child's ex spouse to Thanksgiving dinner... Please, reconsider.

Not asking your child first makes it even worse.

Inviting them before inviting your child makes it a LOT worse.


In other news, I'm not going to Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's.

I am currently laying in bed playing Outer Worlds on my laptop (streaming it from my PS4 using Chiaka) and have no intention of doing anything even remotely productive today.

(Okay, I may clean a turtle tank and a bird cage...)

I think my favorite thing about Outer Wilds so far is that the game does such a good job of helping you pick up where you left off if you haven't played for a while.

I just don't have a ton of time for games recently and a Bethesda game would have left me very confused.

It still needs a good quick way to see controls. All games do. Sometimes I need a reminder.

I'm really surprised at how well ps4 remote play works. I played Outer Wilds on my phone in bed last night for a few hours. It worked beautifully. Only real issue is there is no good way to hold my phone.

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