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If you are the parent of a divorced person and are considering inviting your child's ex spouse to Thanksgiving dinner... Please, reconsider.

Not asking your child first makes it even worse.

Inviting them before inviting your child makes it a LOT worse.


In other news, I'm not going to Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's.

I am currently laying in bed playing Outer Worlds on my laptop (streaming it from my PS4 using Chiaka) and have no intention of doing anything even remotely productive today.

(Okay, I may clean a turtle tank and a bird cage...)

I think my favorite thing about Outer Wilds so far is that the game does such a good job of helping you pick up where you left off if you haven't played for a while.

I just don't have a ton of time for games recently and a Bethesda game would have left me very confused.

It still needs a good quick way to see controls. All games do. Sometimes I need a reminder.

I'm really surprised at how well ps4 remote play works. I played Outer Wilds on my phone in bed last night for a few hours. It worked beautifully. Only real issue is there is no good way to hold my phone.

Outer Worlds is pretty fun. I think I like it.

In a bit I'm going to get out of bed so I can spend most of my day playing Outer Worlds.

After wearing glasses with clear frames for most of the day I am really surprised by how often I look through the frame, thinking it is the edge of my lense that has been smudged.

All day I have been thinking my glasses are dirty when they aren't. My brain just can't find the edges.

Selfie with eye contact 

Why do mornings happen so early. Why can't they happen during the late afternoon?

This heat pad is that is supposed to make my neck stop hurting is more of a slightly warm pad that is ever so slightly warming my still very sore neck.

I got a heating pad, and that is helping but still I can't find a comfortable position :-(

Selfie (eye contact) 


I slept weird and my neck is killing me. This is absolutely terrible.

My first filament based 3D printer took a huge amount of learning. Why did I think I'd be able to successfully print with the SLA quickly? So far lots of failures.

I colored my hair, and trimmed the sides and my beard so I would look very neat and dapper. I planned to show all of you just how neat and dapper I can look.

But then it turns out that my color missed some spots, and my beard is neat but still on my face. So, no prove of anything is being shared now.

Maybe if the second attempt at color goes well...

The nice part about having roots that have grown in is that it makes getting the dye onto the blonde bits without getting it on my scalp much easier.

In other news, pink.

So, one drawback to using an SLA printer vs a FDM printer is that you can't really see anything as it prints. A print has to go for 2 to 3 hours before you can even tell if it stuck to the build plate.

They actually sell a version of this printer without the extra controller and touch screen, but it is less popular and that somehow makes it cost more...

This printer has an internal controller that uses HDMI to display the images on the actual LCD and connects to the motor controller over USB. I can replace that with a raspberry pi, and I'm starting to think I should. I'd get much more flexibility with the slicer and could monitor it wirelessly.

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