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So, one drawback to using an SLA printer vs a FDM printer is that you can't really see anything as it prints. A print has to go for 2 to 3 hours before you can even tell if it stuck to the build plate.

They actually sell a version of this printer without the extra controller and touch screen, but it is less popular and that somehow makes it cost more...

This printer has an internal controller that uses HDMI to display the images on the actual LCD and connects to the motor controller over USB. I can replace that with a raspberry pi, and I'm starting to think I should. I'd get much more flexibility with the slicer and could monitor it wirelessly.

The slicing software and the printed firmware don't like each other very much 😠

For anyone curious, the printer is a Wanhao Duplicator 7 Plus

So, the resin 3D printer works. I finally did my first test print yesterday after weeks of not touching it.

The detail that this can produce is ridiculous. My filament printer could never come anywhere close to making something like this.

Remember when I tried on all those glasses and asked all y'all for advice about which ones to get?

Well, I finally got off my lazy ass and got an eye exam done so that I could actually order a pair!

I mean, I kinda had to because I lost my sun glasses.

I'm not telling you which ones I got, but I'll post a picture when they show up.

The sun is too bright. Can we turn it down please?

I finally got around to doing one of those spooky names for October

Oh, yeah... Hi Canada. Long time no see.

What should I do after I get to my hotel?

I thought I was managing my anxiety really well on this trip... I got all the way to Toronto without a panic attack. Then I stepped outside and reached for my sunglasses...

I have no idea where I lost them. They are prescription, and I do not deal well with bright light. *sigh*

He actually flew to the lamp pole because Myrtle scared him 😂

Everyone in the Salt Lake City area got an amber alert that just said "gry Toyt" yesterday... That isn't helpful. I assume they mean "grey Toyota" but I'm not calling the cops if I see a grey Toyota...

omg, I am so fucking tired. Never move. It isn't worth it.

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