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Knuckle tats to get when terminally ill 

That being said, back is pretty nice and the quick switch is a huge improvement over the older version.

The Android 10 gesture for switching apps is annoying. Swipe up for home and up and hold for switching... That is terrible. Switching is a much more frequently used action. It should be up for switching (card view) and up from there for home.

Ya know the sound the school bus made in the mid 80s when the snycro was going bad and the drive didn't know how to double clutch? That ridiculously loud grinding...

Is it bad if my PSU is making that noise randomly? I think it could be bad...

I could really use another cup of coffee... or maybe 8 more.

hot laptop take 

Can some bring me some Panda Express, please and thank you?

I am dying for the Hollow Knight sequel to come out, because I want to play more of that game. It is just so damned good!

Wait, there is a Steven Universe movie now? I guess I'm going to have to rewatch SU so I can actually make sense of it.

Selfie with eye contact and a bird 

Fine. I'll do it myself!

If you want something done right, do it yourself... I don't actually care if it is done right though. I just want a damned snack!

Can one of you bring me ice cream, please and thank you?

The amount of paperwork required just to apply to rent a place is ridiculous... I did so much adulting today!

Well, I've submitted the rental application for my new place. Hopefully they won't give me shit about :sammy: since he isn't a dog or a cat... Their forms don't really work for a bird. I don't have proof of vaccinations because there are no parrot vaccinations... *sigh*

I just bought a bag full of tennis balls, 4 10' long PVC pipes, zip ties and a big tarp. Any guesses about why?

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