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Who is Chung and why do they need to be wanged tonight of all nights?

Ya know that look your parrot gives you when they see you eating dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets? Maybe I'm imagining it...

Why is looking for houses to rent such a pain? I have to find a place by the middle of October.

The best option I've found so far is half a block from the house I sold when I got divorced. It would be WEIRD to be back in my old neighborhood...

Selfie with eye contact 



Ugh. I should have slept more than 3 hours. (I mean, I tried...)

Breakfast is the most sciency meal of the day!

I managed to get my kids ready for school on time. I deserve a medal, or an ice cream, or something.

I bought a smaller desk so I could fit Sam's stand next to it.

I'm very tired and rather sore, but I am home.

I survived river rafting. It was a ton of fun. I am very tired, and sunburnt and I have a nasty scrape on my leg. Aside from that it was great.


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