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I may never be able to smell anything except camp fire smoke for the rest of my life

Camping was fun. My kids had a blast. I smell bad.

I just have to be productive for a few hours today, and then I get to go camping! My kids are ridiculously excited.

Changing out a tongue piercing is REALLY DAMNED HARD! In other news, the skull is fun but a bit too large. I had to switch back to the smaller one.

I just hit order on a 60% Bluetooth keyboard and some Gateron green switches to put in it. I'm excited. I've never used a 60% board before.

I am trying to get back into the habit of working out regularly. I had been doing well last year but the final bit of my divorce was stressful enough that I got out of the habit...

Well, today I biked over 15 miles which included 2 very large hills.

My body is now Jello, but at least I got to learn about a city in Pennsylvania that has been burning (well, a coal mine under the city to be more accurate) since the late 60s... Holy fuck!

Sorry, there was a typo in that toot. I wrote "some" when I meant "all the." It is an easy mistake to make and I'm certain that you knew what I meant, but it still needed to be corrected.

Can one of you bring me some coffee please?

Selfie, eye contact and tongue is visible 

Considering get out of bed. So far the con column seems much larger than the pro column.

I have a headache and I am tired and I want to not be in Texas any more. I won't get back home until midnight though :(

Wow... So, United Airlines won't let you check in online anymore if you don't check a bag and they charge you $30 to check a bag...

So, I have to check in when I get to the airport all so they can try to upsell me. I don't want to check a bag. I don't feel like paying them to lose my things.

Travel would be easier if airlines weren't such assholes!

I watched Aquaman on the flight and uh... That was fucking horrible! I mean, that movie was BAD. Really bad!

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