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DST is difficult for me. It is significantly more difficult for my kids. I have been trying to get them out of bed for the last 8 minutes.

They are still in bed.

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Valid: Reheating your coffee because it has been that kind of day and you really need it.
Invalid: Forgetting that you reheated your coffee and letting it get cold again while you are busy working and wishing that you had a hot coffee.

Sadly I had to nearly drop my phone before I remembered that my hands don't work right without meds. Ugh.

Hey, in case any of you are as forgetful as I am today...


I don't want to work today. Can I just play Bloodborne instead?

I give up. I should just talk about animals and video games here.

“Something to make your day a little brighter: Sit Patrick Stewart. Knitting. In Santa jammies. You’re welcome.”


Ugh. DST is a bad thing. Sleep is hard enough without the government fucking with schedules twice a year just for shits and giggles.

I'm going to try to go to bed early, because I'm tired, and I want my kids to adjust to the time change quickly...

I'm going to fail, but I'm going to try.

I made progress is Bloodborne! Only a little, but still I'm proud.

there's a reason nobody wrote a song called "fuck the fire department"

I bought a egg steamer thingy a few days ago, despite being very skeptical that it would work and...

IT IS FUCKING AWESOME! 15 minutes to make 6 hard boiled eggs that peel perfectly!

I made some egg salad last night, and just ate some of it on a sandwhich and it was FUCKING AMAZING!

I kinda want to play Dream Daddy, but I feel like I need friends to hang out and help me make the right choices...

So, if I streamed it on Twitch at some point, how many of you would join and help me decide things?

I found a sandpaper texture case for my phone! I'm so excited! All phones should have a sandpaper texture. STOP MAKING SLIPPERY PHONES!

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