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Shared from my PS4 

Okay, I'm gonna stream more VR from my but this time something less scary, like a shark cage.

I suspect the video is pretty boring, but the end may be worth watching if you want a laugh.

My toot to tell you all that I was playing didn't send for some reason...

I played for a while.

In about an hour I'm going to be streaming myself playing Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. You should come watch me be scared our of my wee little mind.

I just cleaned my bathroom (scrubbed the hell out of it!) to get out of working on a bug for work... My brain is weird.


A 3D printed light projected animation. Proof that there's always new ways to animate everything. #3dprint #animation

That was a fun level. I mostly did that just to see how well streaming a PSVR game works... In case I buy RE7

Shit, I could stream myself playing it on Twitch so you could all laugh as I get scared to death...

Someone talk me out of this idea. I'm going to regret it if I buy it, aren't I?

Ugh, Resident Evil 7 is half off. I would NEVER play this game without knowing what I was getting into, but I have a watched 2 let's plays of it and now I kinda want to okay it... In VR.

I mean, being scared a bit some times can be fun. Right?

I really wish there was a remastered ICO. I like that game much more than shadow.


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