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If these two can't make it in this mixed up world, who can?

@queenofhaiku Let me know if you ever do one of a parrot skull.

@kemonine You shouldn't need it if youw ant to join the game. Just joining the room will do it.

@kemonine Right now just Cards Against Humanity.

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Anyone else find themselves using mastodon's favorite feature as a, "I want to reassure you that you're not just yelling aimlessly into the void, ' button?

I'm unofficially calling it the, 'I hear you' button from now on.

*slaps the roof of the balls*

These babies can hold so much pee

@Quinntessential Do you want it to stop or to jop (jean stop)?

I've started a game of on . The room name is "MastodonGameNight" and the password is "slime"

We'll start as soon as a few of you join. HURRY!

Okay, all y'all... I want to play Cards Against Humanity on and we really need more players for it. So... Who's up for it?

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Ketchup is just boneless tomato 😩😩😩

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Ugh, I'm having a mental breakdown or this is what Micah gets for taking work calls during work hours! 😁 So rude!

Is there anything better than spending a weekend playing board games with your favorite person?

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I guess you're funny sometimes but you know how to count.

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