Amazon (yes, I order from them. I am an evil fucking asshole. Let's move on.) just emailed me to tell me that the package that was supposed to arrive yesterday (A new bigger cage for :sammy: Sam) is delayed due to bad weather but might still arrive yesterday...

It actually says "Your package can still arrive by Tuesday, December 10"

I don't think it can!

Step 1: Get out of bed
Step 2: Discard old coffee grounds
Step 3: Add new filter and grounds
Step 4: Turn on coffee maker
Step 5: Wait
Step 6: Pour cup of coffee
Step 7: Spit cold coffee all over the kitchen as you realize your mistake

Death mention (fish) 

This is dumb, but I'm curious... How do you feel about a person if you know they bought this product? Does it change your opinion of them?

Today was entirely filled with an attempt to recover from a massive fuck up. I think I managed it, just barely.

@Anke *sigh* So I really do have to wait until Tuesday to get my new phone?! Unacceptable!

I've been trying to use Android 10's gesture mode, and I really don't understand why they made it so fucking hard to get to the app switcher!

I want swipe up to go to the switcher and a second swipe up to go to the home screen. That would be perfect!

Let me get to the app switcher without having to hold for 22 seconds you cowards!

I have to go buy all the food for Turkey Day ™️ later today and I'm dreading going to the store because it will be full of people!

I hate waiting for things I've ordered. Why can't it just appear instantly?! Isn't this the future yet?!

A few moments after hitting order on a new phone (mostly motivated by battery life) my phone turned itself off due to a low battery...

@kemiki I just hit order on the 7 Pro. I had a OnePlus 1 years ago and like OnePlus, and that screen is just too pretty.

@kemiki I'm leaning towards the Zenfone because it is cheaper and has a bigger battery and a headphone jack. The 7 pro has a nicer screen though and is water proof... Ugh.

@kemiki I'm trying to decide between the Zenfone 6 (with a 5000 mAh battery) and a OnePlus 7 Pro (with a 4000 mAh battery)

The prices are similar. My current phone has a 2700 mAh...

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