So, thinks I only have 17 toots left. Is there another tool that can actually delete the rest of these?

My girlfriend is amazing. I thought you should know.

Thank you for taking it over and keeping it running. I appreciate it greatly! @charlag

@minego just delegated to me. I don't plan to change anything currently.
The server is pretty empty so if you want an account here or know someone who would like to have one, please let me know.

@charlag It is hosted by @mastohost right now. I'm not sure what is needed to transfer that account to you.

@charlag I would appreciate it a great deal of you would.

@Thomas @sadcatstarry I dunno. I think lots of people are still evil for the sake of evil, but they also have responsibilities. Gotta take care of your family too, right?

@Thomas @sadcatstarry If you want a decent demon you're gonna have to offer health insurance...

Mental health (-), relationships 

@hummingrain Breakups are hard even if they are the right thing to do.

Hugs are offered if they are wanted.

@Thomas Pro-tip: Call them on the phone. Trying to call them with your Ouija board takes forever.

@Thomas Good. Good, good.

To show just how committed I am, I've updated my display name too. No turning back now!

@Thomas You're keeping the skull island and the dinosaurs right? I mean... I made plans. Things have been set in motion. You can't take this away from me now!

I'm not brittle 

I'm just a little
Scared of your temperament

lewd things are happening... 

@carbontwelve That isn't very specific

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