@peemee It doesn't matter what kind of shoes I get... Someone always asks me that.

@TheLizardQueen It has been a few years since I've had a pair unfortunately.

@TheLizardQueen It is a bit quirky and doesn't have nearly as many features as my old one... But, it gives me notifications and tells the time.

@TheLizardQueen Okay, I just posted a picture. They are just boring old con Converse All Stars, but I like em :)

@TheLizardQueen The Amazfit Bip. It is a cheap Chinese watch, but it looks decent and does what I need.

@hummingrain Stick to your original plan and bike to your volunteer gig.

:sam: just got a foot caught in my shirt pocket. It all worked out okay though.

And yes, birbs do indeed love ear scratches. They don't have an external ear but they do love be scratched gently right in that spot.

I'm trying to get work done, but :sam: wants me to keep scratching his ears. What am I supposed to do?

@erinbee I had a holder that mounted to the visor, but I also had a big binder in the back ;)

@erinbee In my first car I used my discman with a tape adapter, and if I hit a big bump it would keep playing for 10 seconds but then skip because it couldn't spin back up in time. Ah, the good ol' days.

I seem to have committed to being at two places at once on Saturday. Oops.

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