Too fucking personal... 

I bought groceries. That is enough adulting for one day, right?

Fire, fire 

How the Grinch obtained exclusive rights to the trail I bike on could you use for picking up your brand perfectly.

I just bought tickets to Evermore park for tonight. I'm excited! It is fantasy theme park. The reviews have all been really good.

The idea of physical contact with a stranger is absolutely horrific, but... I learned today about people who go to Pride events wearing shirts that say "Free mom hugs" or "Free dad hugs" and just give hugs to people who need them and that sounds like it would be wonderful to do.

A Subway Map of Human Anatomy: All the Systems of Our Body Visualized in the Style of the London Underground

In Daughter by Pearl Jam, does he sing "violins" or "violence"?

Why didn't anyone tell me about the -3 option for scp? THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!

(Okay, I could have just read the man page... Still. Y'all should have said!)

mh, negative 

8yo made a character for me in a game they are playing :)

@hummingrain I really want to like the metro games, but I couldn't get into em :(

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