@imani It is hard to say because he just wants to be on my shoulder right now. I was out of town for the last 5 days so he misses me. I think he'll like it though. It has food and water dishes which helps.

I bought a smaller desk so I could fit Sam's stand next to it.

I'm very tired and rather sore, but I am home.

I survived river rafting. It was a ton of fun. I am very tired, and sunburnt and I have a nasty scrape on my leg. Aside from that it was great.


@imani I forget the name of the river... It is at a place called Lava Hot Springs. It is supposed to be fairly chill, which is good because my kids are coming.

@imani Well, it is basically next door. Also there is a river that we're going rafting on tomorrow.


What Remains of Edith Finch spoilers, full game, mh in fiction 

Hot take about the band Muse 

I just got an email from a credit card company saying that if I don't have enough miles on my card that I can use miles before earning them and then earn them later...

They want to give me a loan for rewards that I will theoretically get for using their card as a loan... Fuck capitalism so much.

Camping was fun, despite pulling a muscle in my back and spending the whole time hunched over in pain.

🎶 She thinks she missed the train to mars 

In related news, I'm going camping this weekend. Finely gonna use my coffee percalator!

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