So, the resin 3D printer works. I finally did my first test print yesterday after weeks of not touching it.

The detail that this can produce is ridiculous. My filament printer could never come anywhere close to making something like this.

Everyone, this is Myrtle. Myrtle, this is everyone.

She is a 20 year old red eared slider. She was in need of a new home, and I couldn't resist.

Doesn't Sam look pretty after his shower? (He actually does now that he is dry)

Selfie with eye contact and a bird 

Selfie with eye contact 

I bought a smaller desk so I could fit Sam's stand next to it.


I finally finished building my custom keyboard!

So much soldering! For anyone who cares, the PCB and case are a Quefrency, with BOX Navy switches and Carbon SA keycaps.

Selfie with eye contact 

Kinda bragging... 

My switches finally arrived, after their long trip all over the world. :)

Selfie, eye contact and tongue is visible 

8yo made a character for me in a game they are playing :)

Selfie of me and my bird 

Selfie of me and my bird 

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