:birb_fish: Since loves and appreciates all species of birbs we are adding custom emoji so that all animals can be birbs. :birb_dog: :birb_cat: :birb_cow:

btw, thank @penduin for these new emoji, or just go pet his cats @autumn and @book

@minego There seems to be something off with the transparency? They look perfect on, but this is how this toot looks when I crosspost it to another instance.

@Anke Ugh... The first version I uploaded was broken. I deleted and added them again but I guess the other instances didn't notice.

I'm not sure how to fix that... What instance is it?

Ah, I don't know if there's a fix for that. The admin there, @InspectorCaracal noticed something like that when adding emoticons and changing them, too.

@Anke @InspectorCaracal I could remove and add them again with a different name maybe...

@Anke @minego Yeah, when a custom emoji federates to instance A from instance B, it stores that emoji for instance B locally and there's no mechanism for updating the remote copies aside from the instance admins manually deleting the copy and having it re-federate.

@InspectorCaracal @Anke Ouch! Good to know. I guess deleting and adding again is the only real option then.

@minego As a note/tip, I've taken to using temporary :testthing: short codes to check out emoji before actually uploading them to the final shortcode to mitigate that issue.

@InspectorCaracal Nice! Thanks.

I'll probably end up renaming tomorrow anyway to take care of other instances.

@Anke @minego In this particular case, Anke, if you could unboost that toot here, I'll go and delete the emoji and you can boost it again and it SHOULD re-fetch them

@Anke hrm it might not work... well, try boosting it again anyway and we'll see if it gets them afresh and if not you can just make a new toot using them and pull it over here

@InspectorCaracal Well, that's the text codes for the things. Sorry :(

@Anke It's not your fault, don't worry about it! They'll get pulled afresh if someone uses them over there and it comes over here.

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This site is dedicated to birbs. A birb is a cute bird. In some instances another animal (dog, cat, rodent, even a snek may qualify)


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