If you're willing to help out with running I would appreciate it.

Right now the things that would help are:

1) Moderators. The instance is small so this shouldn't be too hard for now.

2) Hosting payments. I don't mind paying for now but donations would be appreciated and may mean we can grow.

3) Artwork. I'd love to have some custom emoji, and a custom banner etc. If you want to help it would be greatly appreciated.

@minego If you're ever looking to deploy Halcyon or Artodon, I have some notes floating about somewhere...

@kemonine I'm not sure if I can since the instance is hosted. I don't have full control over the instance. Artodon would be nice though.

@minego My instance is over on and I was able to get both Haclyon and Artodon working πŸ˜‰

I had to deploy a small VPS instance with nginx + php-fpm though for both.

Artodon is static HTML so you should be able to host it pretty much anywhere.

Haclyon is php so... needs more resources.

If you can get your hands on a static web host I can point you in the right direction for Artodon

@kemonine Oh! Good to know. I'm on as well. Once the dust settles I may take you up on that help.

I expect lots of users to post a lot of pictures, so Artodon sounds particularly nice.

I'd really like to find a good way to deal with multiple accounts since I now have 5 Mastodon accounts instead of 1 :)

@minego Firefox has account containers which I've found very helpful for keeping my multi-account, one instance stuff organized.

Other than that... Subway Tooter or similar multi-account mobile app?


@kemonine Yeah for now I'm using twidre which is working fairly well, but I'm gonna be on the lookout for a better option.

@minego I personally prefer Subway Tooter on Android but Twidere is a good option too.

Those are the ones I tend to recommend for multi-account on Android.

@kemonine I've stuck to twidere so far because I do still post to bird site (bird pictures) and can do it from one compose dialog.

@minego Makes sense to me.

I use Twidere + personal API key as well πŸ˜‰

I may not have a big footprint there but it keeps me in the loop on certain topics that aren't on Masto [yet]

@minego I don't have any experience doing it, but I would love to try my hand at moderation.

@vector Good to hear! I am new to running an instance too. Let me know a bit about any birbs in your life and I'll send you an invite code and after I get the first few batches of invite codes sent out I'll start looking closer at moderators.

@minego I am more of a doggo person. I have two dachshunds named Bertrum and Sparky. I do occasionally take pictures of wild birds with my cell phone when I get a chance.

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