If you're willing to help out with running I would appreciate it.

Right now the things that would help are:

1) Moderators. The instance is small so this shouldn't be too hard for now.

2) Hosting payments. I don't mind paying for now but donations would be appreciated and may mean we can grow.

3) Artwork. I'd love to have some custom emoji, and a custom banner etc. If you want to help it would be greatly appreciated.

@minego I don't have any experience doing it, but I would love to try my hand at moderation.

@vector Good to hear! I am new to running an instance too. Let me know a bit about any birbs in your life and I'll send you an invite code and after I get the first few batches of invite codes sent out I'll start looking closer at moderators.

@minego I am more of a doggo person. I have two dachshunds named Bertrum and Sparky. I do occasionally take pictures of wild birds with my cell phone when I get a chance.

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