I'm alone for the rest of the night with no plans. Just me, a cockatoo, a turtle and a bottle of whiskey.

@erinbee Yup, it is pretty sad. I'll survive somehow though.

@minego Yeah, can't imagine the turtle wanting a sip

@erinbee I think she'd try it but I don't want to try because I'm sure she'd be a mean drunk

@minego I too am curious how much alcohol it takes to get a turtle drunk.

Hope would you even determine whether the title is drunk yet.

Turtle sobriety test?

@Anarkat She is a damned feisty turtle, so maybe I'd be able to tell? Hard to say.

(In case anyone thinks I'm being serious, I am NOT SHARING WITH THE ANIMALS! THEY CAN GET THEIR OWN WHISKEY!)

@minego "experiment log. Two hours. 2 oz of whiskey. The turtle is belligerent".

@Anarkat Strange, I thought 2 oz would be enough to see a change!

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