It is 9am and my Pixel 2's battery is at 64%... That is pathetic, and a problem. I need a phone with better battery life. Ugh.

@minego I hate same shit and then I uninstalled Nextcloud and life became much better

@charlag I have everything off that I can. Last time I was on a trip it died while I was getting directions to my hotel...

I'm thinking about buying a Zenfone 6...

@minego yeah, might be just thr battery as well. New Fairphone looks really dope.

@charlag I'm sure it is the battery age. The phone is almost exactly 2 years old...

@minego hm, mine is probably older and I definitely had phones older than that. You could try to replace just the battery but idk if it's worth it

@charlag I've had older phones too, but it seems fairly common these days for phones to become much less useful after 2 years... Maybe it is my imagination.

@charlag Oh, the Fairphone isn't available in the U.S. either :-(

@kemiki I know, but they are so damned expensive :-(

@minego Very true. Last month I bought an 11 Pro. My wallet still hurts, but it’s an excellent device.

@kemiki I'm trying to decide between the Zenfone 6 (with a 5000 mAh battery) and a OnePlus 7 Pro (with a 4000 mAh battery)

The prices are similar. My current phone has a 2700 mAh...

@kemiki I'm leaning towards the Zenfone because it is cheaper and has a bigger battery and a headphone jack. The 7 pro has a nicer screen though and is water proof... Ugh.

@kemiki I just hit order on the 7 Pro. I had a OnePlus 1 years ago and like OnePlus, and that screen is just too pretty.

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