The Android 10 gesture for switching apps is annoying. Swipe up for home and up and hold for switching... That is terrible. Switching is a much more frequently used action. It should be up for switching (card view) and up from there for home.

That being said, back is pretty nice and the quick switch is a huge improvement over the older version.

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@minego it's kind of neat on iphone x, the part where you hold for switching can be really quite subtle, and you can quick switch by swiping the bar sideways or up and some direction

@bonzoesc That works on Android too, but a quick swipe left or right at the bottom edge does the same thing and is much cleaner for that.

There is no easy way to see a list of your running/recent apps though. That should be simple and it isn't. It is finicky and you have to do it just right to trigger it.

I haven't tried the iPhone implementation, but both are a copy of webOS which did it SO MUCH BETTER! I wish they would copy it more closely.

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