I need to new recipes to try this week...

@minego Anything special to keep in mind? Like vegetarian only, or no gluten, whatnot? I have a bunch of recipes in my book, but you might want to look around on too. I also remember seeing good stuff on

@gergely One of my kids is allergic to eggs, so avoiding eggs helps. They probably won't dare try anything I cook anyway though :)

@minego I recommend subscribing to a meal kit for a while because it serves two valuable purposes: 1) you get only the ingredients you need for each meal so there's no extra stuff wilting/rotting away in the fridge, and 2) it will teach you new ways of thinking about ingredients and how they work together. Kelle and I used for a year and now we have lots of knowledge to draw inspiration from.

@kemiki I've been doing pretty well with getting just the ingredients I need for the most part so far, but that can be tricky.

@minego Clarification: you only get the specific ingredients and only the amount needed for each recipe.

@kemiki Yeah, I understood what you meant... But so far I've done a pretty good job of buying the right amounts for the recipes I've tried. I haven't had too many left overs of any ingredients.

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