They have a bunch of fallout props that are REALLY PRETTY! I'm so tempted!

@minego I kinda want to get that and jam a raspberry pi in it...

@hummingrain Right? It is so much better than the pip boy they released for Fallout 4 (which I have...)

@minego Really cool, but would be even cooler if it had some actual functionality.

Don't know if you know, but there's a Fallout 4 PIP Boy you can get that you can fit your phone into, and a PIP Boy app that syncs with your PS4 allowing you to actually use the PIP Boy with your game. Literally all in-game functions can be controlled from your wrist.

@kemiki Yup! I have it! It is pretty bad ass for Fallout 4, and I'm annoyed they didn't add it to 76. This pipboy isn't nearly as functional, but is a much better prop and could be modified to be more functional.

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