So, I lost my printer in the divorce... Do any of you have a suggestion for a good printer? I know there is no such thing, but maybe a less shit printer? I'd rather not spend a fortune though.

@annika That looks a LOT like a Brother I aws just looking at. I've always been pretty happy with Brother.

@minego I did *not* enjoy the ones we had at work back in 2004-2008, but this one is a little tank.

@annika I had a monochrome laser from Brother about 15 years ago that was amazing. The one I just had was ink, and worked okay but it was ALWAYS out of ink.

@minego We've had a Brother MFC laser printer for a few years now and it's never given us any problems. It prints, scans, copies, faxes, and is Air Print and Google Cloud Print compatible.

@minego Brother, monochrome, laser

I've got an MFC-L2700DW that's been serving me well, discontinued now unfortunately

@minego I don't remember the exact model, but we also have a monochrome laser Brother and have been very happy with it. It was relatively cheap, something like $100-$150.

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