I really wish small Mastodon instances could have linked local timelines... Basically choose a handful of sister instances to show up as local so the local timeline is useful.

The biggest downside to being on a small instance is not having a useful local timeline and this would let us work together to solve that.

@minego i think this is what the upcoming Proxy feature is for

@annika @minego Oh. I see it mentioned here. I don’t know how I managaed to succesfully search my way to it, but…

@minego or have a client that mixes all of your accounts on those instances?

@Bobo_PK @minego yeah, I want a client that does this and lets me pin saved searches

@vector @Bobo_PK @minego Did you open issues on clients you use to suggest this functionality?

@minego I've mostly been reading the federated timeline. My local timeline does move but not that quickly.

@minego There's this "Relay" feature in the admin settings which I imagine does exactly that
I've found literally no info at all online though, and the default URL refuses to enable

@gaeel @minego I think that influences the content on the federated timeline and also increase the visibility of hashtags across instances

@gaeel @minego relays are still kinda messy, yeah. I think @Gargron run the default relay, so he might be able to check on it?

@minego You can hide domains but yeah I do wish it was opt-in and not opt-out

Multiple levels of federated.
Local, Masto Federated, <insert cool local federated name>

@minego Not only that, being able to subscribe to a "local" timeline of another instance is what I would want right now. I'm somehow thinking of creating a dedicated account on just for that since I've heard of its existence. #beinghonest

@rhonda @minego Many people on the 'verse are pretty happy with multiple accounts on multiple instances. It's a cool thing to do imo!

@rixx @minego Right. Tusky app at least supports multiple ones ... Just would need someone to invite me to now to give it a try :)

@rhonda Contacting one of the users directly could work. I mean, people are pretty nice round here :)

@minego Interesting concern… I'm on the huge and it never occurred to me to even start reading local timeline, it's overwhelming. So I just follow interesting people I find, and that's my timeline. I think it's the best way (ymmv, of course).

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