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Be the hermit you don't want to see in the world.

For those of you who haven't blocked me or unfollowed me yet...

I'm human and I fuck up from time to time. Sorry.

OMG my 13yrs old cousin announced to my grandma that they might be trans (female to male) and wanna be called by Tom instead of Sophie (not real names 'cause privacy but you get the idea)

My grandma answered " I am learning every day from my little children & I am really proud of you for searching a new path in your life"

4 years ago the sane grandma was homophobic. Everyone can learn, change at every age.

This was the positive post of the day ๐Ÿ’–

Any keen observers among you may have noticed that the skulls in my avatar don't accurately represent me and :sammy:

Sam is a cockatoo and the parrot skull in the picture is based on a scan of a macaw's skull. Close, but not right.

Also, my actual skull probably isn't that shiny.

:sammy: is having a feud with my toes... I'm laying in bed taking a break (because work gave me a headache) while he runs around on my bed. He finds my feet really fascinating and wants to bite them.

When a parrot bites the best reaction is to gently push into the bite. He is very shocked that I'm doing this with my feet and is being slow to learn the lesson.

So, now he is angry at my feet and keeps coming up to me to be comforted after losing a battle with them.

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My kids' school has emailed me 4 times in the last 10 minutes to tell me that school is starting an hour late due to "extreme weather" so I need to drop them off at 9.

I have a meeting at 9.

The "extreme weather" is an inch of snow.

The support phone number just says to call back during office hours. It didn't say what those hours are.

It looks like my day may be spent making terrible phone calls and playing Bloodborne (offline)...

Ugh. Home internet is still down. That is a problem since I work from home.

My home internet is down. This sucks. Now I can't watch bullshit on YouTube until I fall asleep :(

I finally watched First Man. That was pretty good.

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The two genders are defects with absolutely no details and defects with ridiculous amounts of detail but don't actually say what the problem is.

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Shit. I need to do my avatar again with glasses.

the muppets facebook page posted this, which in my mind is basically conformation that Statler and Waldorf ARE husbands who have been married for years.

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