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Be the hermit you don't want to see in the world.

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I went to John Wick 3 last night. It was fun.

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My kids are going to be very confused in a moment when they get out of school because someone else with a car that looks exactly like mine is parked where I usually try to park.

TFW you have a TON of work to get done, but are stuck in your car waiting for someone and can't actually do anything until they arrive.

It is interesting to watch because my older child did this same thing a few years ago and was absolutely terrified because of the audience and couldn't handle it. None of the kids today seem even a bit scared.

I'm currently stuck in a large auditorium watching a bunch of 2nd graders do a dance about the rainforest and the total number of fucks these kids give about what anyone thinks of their dance is 0. It is rather amazing.

My own child is doing great, but they are supposed to be still for bits and my kid just can't.

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I'm awake. I'm not happy about that. I'm going to make an effort to change that now.

Goodnight, kiddos.

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I feel like I should mention that I am still alive, in case anyone here cares. So, here goes.

I'm still alive.

I did make it home, for those wondering. I'm just going to sleep all weekend now

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How do I always manage to end up in the last group for boarding the fucking plane?

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