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Be the hermit you don't want to see in the world.

I bought a smaller desk so I could fit Sam's stand next to it.

I'm very tired and rather sore, but I am home.

I survived river rafting. It was a ton of fun. I am very tired, and sunburnt and I have a nasty scrape on my leg. Aside from that it was great.


Hot take about the band Muse 

I just got an email from a credit card company saying that if I don't have enough miles on my card that I can use miles before earning them and then earn them later...

They want to give me a loan for rewards that I will theoretically get for using their card as a loan... Fuck capitalism so much.

Camping was fun, despite pulling a muscle in my back and spending the whole time hunched over in pain.

🎶 She thinks she missed the train to mars 

In related news, I'm going camping this weekend. Finely gonna use my coffee percalator!

Camping shit is way too expensive! I'm too old to sleep on the ground without a pad. A half decent pad is about $100!

I'm going to have to start camping a lot more if I'm going to spend this much on supplies!

I have a coffee. It is hot. I am content for the moment.

I finally finished building my custom keyboard!

So much soldering! For anyone who cares, the PCB and case are a Quefrency, with BOX Navy switches and Carbon SA keycaps.

Selfie with eye contact 


I started soldering my split 60% keyboard kit last night. I am still waiting on a few parts before I can finish it, but the soldering will take me a LONG time...

I successfully soldered on about 15 diodes. Hand shaking wasn't too bad. Now I just need another 50 diodes, two controller boards, a handful of other small components and 64 switches!

That should only take me a month or so 😂

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