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Be the hermit you don't want to see in the world.

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I don't remember the last time I felt this shitty about myself. Goodnight.

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I haven't been here lately, and I realize that a few of you (or less) might be concerned about my well being with all the shit going on (COVID 19) so I decided to give you a status update.

I actually died weeks ago, and am tooting at you from the grave. Being dead is shitty. Everyone is still panicking about this damn virus even though they are dead!

Okay, bye.

Here I sit all broken hearted... 

Remember that funeral that I was told I was going to? That I was supposed to be a pallbearer for? Well...

Turns out I'm not allowed to go. Only ten people are allowed in the room.

Being cancelled due to the coronavirus is the best thing that happened at #eurovision, if you ask me

This morning there was a 5.7 earthquake in Utah, near Salt Lake City. It knocked the trumpet off of the statue of the angel Moroni on the top of the Mormon temple.

Speaking as someone who was raised as a Mormon and escaped that horrible abusive cult, I find this fucking hilarious!

This morning I was standing in the shower, feeling rather dizzy because of this nasty cold I've been fighting... All the sudden the shower seemed to be moving. I didn't think I was that dizzy!

Turns out it was a 5.7 earthquake a few miles away. That was intense and scary. No one I know was hurt luckily.

(No, I'm not back. Just felt like sharing this. I'll go away again now.)

🎶 Lie to me 

There is a person on this train using a flip phone... Wow.


New job starts in a few hours. I wish I had managed to sleep last night. This will be interesting.

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