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Be the hermit you don't want to see in the world.

Remember when I did handwriting regularly? That was fun...

I found coffee and successfully did my demo on this conference call. Now I want to sleep for a few days.

I am stuck in a meeting. In a moment I'm going to have to present. I have not had coffee yet today.

Send help! In the form of coffee!

I was woken up by a 3.3 earthquake. So rude of the Earth to do that. I want my sleep back!

@minego It's International Book Giving Day, you old crank

@minego It's the anniversary of the day Hawaiians killed Captain Cook when he tried to kidnap their king, that's pretty fuckin awesome

I refuse to acknowledge that there is anything unique about today.

Remember. St Valentine was the patron saint of beekeeping. Celebrate Valentine's day the way it was meant to be celebrated.


If these two can't make it in this mixed up world, who can?

I'm supposed to be working but am stuck sitting in bed with my 7yo to keep them motivated to do their homework instead... AMA

If any of you have a quiz up and I didn't do it, it was not intentional. Please send me the link again so I can correct that.

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