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Be the hermit you don't want to see in the world.

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Damn, this is some serious rain.

I am trying to fall back asleep, but there is a thunder storm happening, and it is so loud. It is a kinda wonderful thing to wake up to.

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It looks great, there's spam protections and trending hashtags and profile hashtags and federation relays!

(Federation relays is a thing to help fill the federated timelines of smaller instances by kind of subscribing instances to a bunch of other instances or something?)


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Rather messy today because I am a bit shakey.

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7yo wants to help with chores... I don't know why he thinks he needed this get up, but I won't question it as long as he is trying to help.

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@cassolotl Yes, this! Variety of pedal mobility is an important thing to promote, and a natural part of #velopunk ideology.

For most people two wheels are enough, and two-wheelers are easier to steer at higher speeds — I guess this is the main benefit.

But of course two wheels are not the best option for everyone, and in any case three+ wheelers should not be stigmatized against.

Also, have a selection of images from the Nijmegen fietsmuseum.

Sometimes I wish I could word good.

Dear people like me,

The next time you feel like saying "Not all <whatever>" to someone complaining about <whatever>, stop and think for a moment.

Was it directed at you? Is their argument correct? Are you part of a group that is actually guilty of this? Is defending yourself going to do more harm than good because you're derailing a conversation about an actual problem?

Even if you are actually innocent, it is likely you could be doing more to help. Just stop and think about what they said.

Ugh, I don't want to be awake yet

I think I am tired. Goodnight kids.

"Have you ever seen Die Hard?"
"Umm, yeah... Of course. Everyone has."
"I haven't..."

You think you know someone...

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