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Be the hermit you don't want to see in the world.

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I don't know what Steven is trying to do here...

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I am suddenly very very sleepy. It is 3:30pm. :oh_no:

"Correlation is not causation!" shouts the Chief of Police.

But that's EXACTLY the argument we'd expect from someone whose organization is found at the scene of every major crime in this city.

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@jake omg, it took me way too long to realize that your avatar was that dog! That looks a bit odd small... :)

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So, I am getting a full refund for the cage (woot!) and the seller doesn't want it back because shipping is too troublesome.

I guess I need to order another one now.

I'm getting tired of waking up at 4am. I'm going back to bed in a moment, but I felt the need to complain just a bit first.

Now that I've done that... Goodnight, kids.

I want to get more holes in my face...

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My kids aren't satisfied with a lowly little pillow shack. They made a blanket mansion!

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Ugh. Messed up ordering Steven's cage. It is way smaller than expected. *sigh*