Hey all. I'm changing usernames, so please follow me (if you'd like) @kemiki - thanks!


Stone Brewing Company, Enjoy By 4/20 IPA. Not bad.

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Easily one of the best snack bars I’ve ever had.

Discovered these guys thanks to a song popping up on a playlist. Reminds me of mid 90's alt rock. Some good stuff here.


For anyone with HBO, I highly recommend Bill Hader's new show, Barry.

Welp, the TSA may be accurately regarded as the Keystone Cops of air travel, but I applied for Pre Check on Thursday, and was approved and received my Known Traveler Number this morning.

Small victories.


The day the philips head screw was invented, the flathead screw should have immediately become obsolete and vanished into nothingness. But noooo...


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