Trying to vote for city council positions and everything is about figuring out which candidate is the NIMBY and which is the YIMBY. Key words for bio: neighborhood character (Eastside)

@imani When thinking of NIMBYism, before I get too annoyed, I think about the fact that they are what prevented more bridges across Lake Washington (I believe 7? were planned) killed a resurrection attempt in the late 90s for one from Kirkland to north Seattle, and a second freeway along the Seattle’s east side. The ramp-to-nowhere on the old 520? Yup.

@Fritillaria2 I'm glad they didn't drive a freeway through the Central District, yeah, though the surface arterials are so poorly designed that they are famously deadly to pedestrians.

@imani If I vote NIMBY, my rent goes up. If I vote YIMBY, my favorite shops get torn down

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