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I still think every single one of these bird photos is absolutely breathtaking and I highly recommend giving them a look.

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I've been on Mastodon for a while now, so that means it's time for an .

I love birds, tacos, dogs, and bicycling, but I struggle to climb hills. I'm a Seattle-based instructional designer creating internal training for a tech company, though my degree is in Computer Engineering. I'm also an atheist, liberal, daughter of a Cuban immigrant, and I suffer from frequent migraine headaches.

I post about , politics (I CW), migraines, work, and random life stuff.

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*crying* I just love tacos so much.

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Why are all #knitting tutorials 13 minutes long? Show me this cast on once and that's like 30 seconds! I can rewatch the video if I need to!

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I hope everyone's having a good day today.

Can I learn the rules of sports exclusively through watching dramas centered on sports? What twisted version of the rules will this earn?

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Saw Knives Out for the second time and it's still amazing.

Wish protonmail would hurry up with its calendar so I can stop using Google calendar.

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Sir Boxnoggin almost caught a cat this morning.

It was in our back yard, a location it will avoid going forward, if the puddle of urine it left and the speed of its departure is any indication.

The Prince of Tennis Cdrama adaptation (available on Netflix) is absolutely hilarious. I am rolling. Highly recommend.

I paid way too much for a new pair of jeans this week and now I'm like... are these just work jeans? Special occasion jeans? What if I gain weight?

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The Cdrama adaptation of Prince of Tennis is on Netflix. Hmmmmm.

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My phone now rings from "Unknown Caller" like 5 times a day. That's gonna be a no from me, bud.

PA Instructions: "2 – 3 key strengths (including how Tableau’s Core Cultural Values were demonstrated)"
Me: What is culture?

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