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I still think every single one of these bird photos is absolutely breathtaking and I highly recommend giving them a look.

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I've been on Mastodon for a while now, so that means it's time for an .

I love birds, tacos, dogs, and bicycling, but I struggle to climb hills. I'm a Seattle-based instructional designer creating internal training for a tech company, though my degree is in Computer Engineering. I'm also an atheist, liberal, daughter of a Cuban immigrant, and I suffer from frequent migraine headaches.

I post about , politics (I CW), migraines, work, and random life stuff.

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*crying* I just love tacos so much.

Somewhat recovered enough from the emotional hit to restart watching Goblin. This show! So amazing!

Missing a deadline at work today and nobody is even mad.

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I’d need a much longer trip to fully adjust to the higher altitudes, but I can’t get enough of the Andes.

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work, just tired 

Weird urge to rewatch Cowboy Bebop this morning. I don't think I've seen it in 12 or 13 years?

I am just...not mentally ready for work today.

I just read a super long article about abuse and fandom and my first reaction to it was literally, "Oh, she used Tableau for her data analysis! These are Tableau vizzes! :awwwblob: "

Yeah, this is a self-callout.

There is a large, colorful ball in our backyard this morning and I'm curious that the neighbor children opted to leave it to its fate rather than knock on our door for retrieval.

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A pair of Red-browed Finches that popped up on the bird feeder this afternoon to clean up anything the parrots hadn't eaten. Luckily for them, I'd just put out new seed.

#bird #AustralianWildlife #photo #nature

Just got a mailer from the city notifying they're about to start construction on the pedestrian/bicycle bridge I've been excited about for like 2 years now since they started putting signs up about it on my bike commute route. It is going to take them TWO YEARS to finish it. FFS.

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I need more Xiao Zhan singing in blue sparkle jacket in my life and it's possible that you do, too.

Still thinking about Parasite (spoilers) 

Shoveled the whole walk in like 10 minutes. Three cheers for the new snow shovel!

Fucking winter wonderland out there

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This image was screencapped from birbsite, from the #Seattle NWS office.

A Tale Of Two Lynnwoods, aka The #ConvergenceZone

These two pictures are the same city, just two mile apart.

At least a couple inches and still coming down, but it didn't really start until late enough that I got to see the movie. We saw Parasite and it was HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. Yeah. Good. Go see it.

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