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I biked in them to work which was a bit clumsy but it's just so comfy to be in them at work

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War in Ukraine 

Hundred and nineteen days

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musk, transphobia, buying twitter, timeline 

Catch me if I'm wrong, but here's the timeline on Musk buying Twitter *plus* the transphobia stuff so far:
- Musk's kid comes out as trans to family it seems? (backporting that info)
- Musk complains: pronoun use is annoying
- Grimes tries to get a public apology
- Musk doesn't apologize, starts posting more stuff in that category
- Grimes starts dating *Chelsea Manning*
- Musk ups the amount of transphobic content
- Babylon bee kicked off Twitter for transphobic article, Musk says later this is what convinced him to buy Twitter
- Musk starts musing out loud on the internet that he should buy twitter for "free speech" reasons
- Musk buys a bunch more stake in Twitter, more or less makes a public offer on this over Twitter itself
- Twitter board initially pushes back on the idea
- Musk starts demeaning the board and high-level Twitter employees very publicly on Twitter while increasing his brag about how he can fix everything
- Twitter board reverses course: you know what, let's take all that money
- Musk formally makes the offer
- Musk talks more about how he's going to fix all the spam, bots, etc *while* also absolutely free speech, everything is allowed filter mechanism unclear
- Starts backpedaling: well, he can't buy it unless certain positions are upheld, starts complaining about fake users
- He already signed it though, poison pill clause means he may be on the hook to pay even if he tries to back out
- A lot more waffling on whether or not Twitter is being forthcoming about information not required ahead of time it seems?
And then in about one day:
- Outing (in a crappy article) about Musk's kid being trans
- Twitter signs deal to sell to Musk
- Musk lays off Tesla employees for vague reasons related to the economy

Did I get that timeline right?

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Help with everything ($) 

I'm an Autistic individual with white privilege finally recovering from a major injury that has prevented me working.

I need help with food, internet, phone, storage... everything, really. Adds up to about $450 before the 14th. Can you help?

I have a GoFundMe here that goes into more detail:

Please give to a Black, Indigenous, or otherwise racially marginalized person first.

Thank you.

@mutualaid #MutualAid

I finished it. Some mixed feelings, some things aren't *bad* just not *great*.

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Anybody know any addiction support groups that are not religiously affiliated?

Please boost!!! I’m in the Sacramento area

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In case you didn't know, geese can and WILL fuck you up if you threaten to harm their young

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(still) Need financial help, urgent, please boost 

Hey everyone, I’m sorry I’m asking for help so soon again, I got some additional overdraft fees (thankfully they didn’t put me back in overdraft so I might have these gone next month 🤞) in my bank account and wasn’t able to buy groceries before they did.

I don’t get paid until more than a week, and my boyfriend is out of money too. I think between 80 and 100€ would help us a lot to get through.

Sorry again for posting these so often. I have a hard time keeping up with my finances and I should really sort my stuff…

You can donate on my PayPal:
or through ko-fi, which takes credit cards via Stripe:

Boosting so more people see this would help a whole lot even if you can’t donate <3

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surgery mention, looking for information 

does anyone know of any instagram accounts of ppl who've had top surgery and are NOT on hormones (also helpful if they have photos where this is visible lol)

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Good morning

I wish you the courage to be angry when somebody crosses your boundaries.

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every year or two they just introduce some new celebrity, some magazine just shows up with a picture of them on the cover like "this is the new famous person who is not only going to be famous for the next 2-10 years, but is somehow already famous despite nobody having heard of them until right now" and everyone's like "ah yeah, i believe this, this seems legit, i totally buy into this, i guess this is the new famous person who's famous. i'm down with that. thanks for keeping me updated"

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if i were cloudflare i’d do at least one 1-hour outage every month. you know it’s gonna happen but not when. keep you on your toes

War in Ukraine 

Hundred and eighteen days

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Mutual Aid Req: meds & food needs. Boosts welcome! 💕 


If someone would be so kind to help me get meds for ADHD; depression; Multiple Sclerosis symptoms; physiotherapy + some food that'd be super helpful! :blobnervous2:

I need 250€: 165 for meds, 30 for physio & 55 for groceries.

Any amount helps & so do boosts. They're v. welcome & appreciated! :blobcatthx:



Tysm for helping me survive, fedi! :blobcatflower:


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