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Here I am! (Yeah, like y'all have been waiting for me... 🙈 )

Giving Mastodon a try, curious as to what type of tankespjärn I might find here, as well as what value I can provide.

Part of my curiosity centers around:

What's the thing that makes you give Mastodon a 👍 ?

But I am also eager to hear your best tips for a total rookie like me - so please, tell me:

What to do, who to 'follow' (is that even what I'd be doing here?), do's and don'ts?

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More instances to block - more anime incels spouting racist crap - wall to wall right wing garbage and Trump supremacy - ditto on the anime incels, nazism, seeing how close they can get to open pedophile material

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#TheGuardian 🇵🇸
Israeli police ​attack funeral procession of killed journalist #ShireenAbuAqleh

Israeli forces have stormed a Jerusalem hospital grounds as the coffin containing the body of a #journalist shot dead earlier this week emerged before the bur...

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really hate how pervasive the concept of "stupidity" is in the collective conciousness. call people something else please

surely all the reasonable usage is covered by concepts like "negligence" or "ignorance" or "naïvité" or anything else that has more nuance and less ableism

also the inverse concept, "intelligence", is also not real thank you


Bought Worms W.M.D.
Just got disappointed by broken matchmaking and lobby and awful controls still.

Can I have "look at my clucks" link in the chat?

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I realized it's already May! I drew this as the May image for a flower-themed queer OC calender which was not printed in the end. (But among others I also submitted too late so I'm one to blame for this. 🙈)

My OCs Jan and Liam. Who have a very long story arc! In my head.

#mastoArt #oc #krita

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Wonder how the reports this...


The closest video of the #Israeli police suppressing the funeral procession of Shireen Abu Aqleh as the coffin was leaving the French hospital towards the cemetery


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Does anyone want to create a Welcome Onboard server for new users, to off-load mastodon Social? 

Similar to what does, it could allow sign-ups but they'd have to be approved.

This server should be a place where people get time to learn.

I think running hometown would be useful, because you can set the default to be local only, so before you start federating your new messages, you get to learn about what it all means.

People from different cultural backgrounds can be moderators and onboarders on this server. (We can set up a funding model to help pay for people doing this work).

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Hey, does anyone wanna join forces and delete their twitter account on the same day next week?

I say next week so people get time to download their archive and connect with people elsewhere as well, and I imagine if a lot of people request their archive around the same time it may create a bump in the system.

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Are there any problems with #Tusky 18 beta 1 I should know about before the full release?

War in Ukraine 

Seventy nine days

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programmer humor is like 

"cant exit vim lol"
"time zones are hard am i right"
[surface level terminology debate]
"not a bug its a feature xD"
"i hate my boss. (but i love capitalism)"
"non programmers will never UNDERSTAND (some common thing)"

this is ur brain on no humanities
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I am grateful to have a nicer experience on THIS platform because of the work and pain held by Ro, Marcia, and the other black folks who painfully paved the way for me to be here floating in. The "better environment" that people praise came from your heart, your work, your pain. I thank y'all and appreciate y'all. This is how it goes in life too. My floating now is based on the pain suffered by those before. THANK YOU <3 @CaribenxMarciaX and @Are0h

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:blobartist: Besides self-hosting, where do y'all digital artists are selling your artworks? :ablobowo:

I'm talking stuff like wallpapers, etc. Nothing printable, just digital stuff that can deliverable immediately after a buy.

What's the best option to go, here? :blob_grinning_sweat:

Also, bonus points if that place happens to have a print-on-demand service for stuff like calendars, stickers, postcards, etc. :ablobjoy:

Anyone? Do you get my gist? Halp? :ablobcathappypaws:

:retweet: plz? 🥺

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I've said this before and I'll say it again. The fediverse is one or two Black/Brown-led instances away from a major player in the fediverse space.

Masto had a huge opportunity and fucked it up because of their resistance to listening to the concerns of people that aren't straight white guys.

I don't know if the fedi has learned from that mistake but a new opportunity has presented itself to make different decisions this time around.

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