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illustrated haiku, CW for mild/implied gore/bio-horror 

beast on a wave length / knots brains with surfer to make / a holy weapon

#mastoart #art #illustration #poem #poetry #haiku


Archibald, we remember you. It's sad to not have you around.

Who was watching battlebots things all nights? I have no idea

People who do fireworks inside the city, I hope it shoots up your ass once

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Last night a friend asked me to take him to the ER because he had trouble breathing. I did, and now he’s admitted to the hospital, on oxygen, with COVID pneumonia. He was scheduled to get his booster shot yesterday.

Get your damn shots, people. Stop putting it off and make the appointment.

Matt Mercer, you son of a bitch, you did it again

Good news: I actually found good stuff and started preparing.
Bad news: seems like it's not happening, I've not been told about it and it's Discouraging.

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*opens 3 tech articles*
*starts boiling*

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Oh, look, the cigar boxes arrived and I already upgraded them to dice trays / cases!
Cleaned the boxes up first, sanded the front of the red boxes and painted them with two coats of acrylic paint. Removed the compartments of the bigger boxes, the Multimaster was a big help here. Cut faux leather for the lining. Glued it together. Finished! Very nice project, can recommend! #diy #diyproject #ttrpg

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My aunt showed me how to knit and I've practicing for a few days. Today I looked up purl stitch. Very nice for watching stuff.

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Did I tell you that row counter totally works as D&D HP counter?

death of objectively shitty people 

Prosvirin fell out of the window, oh yeah, let's make a mourning now. Yeah, that one, Спутник-погром, nazbol magazine.

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Not only should fireworks be banned, they should be ritually rebanned each year, consecrating the re-ban with a minute of absolute silence, paying respect to all the folks who got panic attacks, PTSD triggers &c from their noise.

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You're in her DMs. I'm her DM. We are not the same

My aunt taught be the basics of knitting, I'm very glad because I can do something while watching CR now.

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