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the realest posters are the ones postin for themselves 🥲

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When hardware fails you at the worst moment (I can totally relate)

also links to monsters and items *high-pitched satisfied noise*

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I've finally found 1st lvl adventure in the format I like: short, bolded descriptions, dramatic question, development, transition, just what you need about NPCs, it's pure gold. I would still need to rebalance it a bit but it seems doable.

Wait not only we now have an instance for political party but there are also "cloud native" guys on it?

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Reminder that it's okay to be a generalist; knowing how to do a bunch of different things in different areas because those things interest you is a delightful way to interact with the world. don't feel like you have to apologize for having a thirst that can be quenched at multiple wells

People keep doing same mistakes:
1. When it's FREAKING cold there are no big trees. If it's permafrost there will be nothing like trees.
2. When it's FREAKING cold it's not snowing. It's snowing most near 0
3. When it's FREAKING cold visibility is usually very poor

Neighbors have a birthday party and they were kind enough to notify everyone but now they are playing Calk Me Maybe like 5th time in a row.
Also could you wait for one day and make it on Friday?

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Repeat after me:
Electric cars will
save the planet

We play Katan and Munchkin today. A lot to learn (also Munchkin in German) but was fun!

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And would you believe that many scholars say Sub-Saharan Africans MUST have gotten iron production from the Mediterranean because they didn't have a Bronze Age first (Sub-Saharan Africa is unsusual in going from Stone Age to Iron Age directly and then using bronze), and the knowledge of metal through copper and bronze is supposedly a prerequisite for iron production? :eyeroll: Heaven forbid technology develop in different orders among different peoples...

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I think I went onto some kind of a frenzied nerding where I just devour everything.
Not good but feels good? Annoying that I kind read 3 things in paralllel

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OMG there's critrole special where they plaiin Pathfinder as Goblins? And voice actors are awesome? Isn't it perfect?

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Germany would like to donate 150 Mio (!) vaccine doses to COVAX before they expire, lacking domestic demand.

But clauses in contracts with producers leave the latter a right to veto. And they demand additional compensation. So the doses may be trashed.

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