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Also I saw a bike which kinda looked like mine in a bike shop and now I went to repair mine actually…

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I bought a proper bike pump and oh. my. So good.

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Hi everyone, it's my birthday today!! & I've discovered a twitter pal who has a fundraiser for top surgery. If you could send over a few £ as a birthday present to me to help them on their way I'd love that so much 💜💜💜

hades vaguespoilers 

"no I didn't beat it, did I?"
"nope, but now I did, right? wow"
"wait... oh"

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The travel of the delegation of Zapatistas to Europe is currently being delayed by the French government. A week of action has been called out, and protests have started since yesterday.

See toot below for some dates.

#LaGiraZapatistaVa #EZLN

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Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you a bit of encouragement ✨

Every time teens are not treated as humans it makes me boil.

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I’m not going to punish teens because some adults don’t know not to flirt under their selfies. But behave yourselves or face the consequences…

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Just learned the delightful fact that when birds aren't feeding or breeding or nesting or whatever, the technical term for what they're doing is "loafing"

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*two weeks after, red-eyed* huh? what? who calls me? what is work?

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cd Builder
./gradlew assembleAlpha

that's not how it works! That's not how anything works!

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I wanted to poke into Librera a bit and uuh

>ignoreWarnings true
>minifyEnabled false

off for a good start, as expected

Every time I start Telegram I think about interesting collision of storing everything on their servers, completely broken encryption by design and unclear resource acquisition.

Thinking about ad industry creating artificial wants and then needs e.g. for many indigenous peoples.
I don't see virtually any ads and yet such commercial propaganda still reaches me.

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help a black trans family if you can!!

“Hey y'all. Me and my family need
your help. We need a brand new
washer and dryer ASAP. Our
appliances have continued to
deteriorate and aren't salvageable.
We need $2,000 to cover the new
appliances, warranties, and
additional junk removal. Anything
y'all can do to help is appreciated!
Looking at getting delivery and
installation this week!
Cashapp: $venusselenite
Venmo: venusselenite
Paypal: venusselenite at gmail”

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