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I didn't just debug masto for an hour with logging and accidentally consumed the response body, you did!

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omg YES
kibou and masto, completely rootless being able to somehow communicate

Last time it was a pile of slow hacks, this time it's easy to set up.

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like I had no idea masto does requests with 'application/activity+json, application/ld+json', no wonder it can't fetch anything from me

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I needed to patch masto a bit (again) but YAY! It's working kinda. I already found 2 issues in kibou thanks to this.

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fucking ruby can't do anything
It can't do threads so you need puma and sidekiq
It can't do caches so you need redis
It can't do streaming so you need another streaming process

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okay okay so
there's a Procfile
and there's 😡
and it has port hardcoded there of course 😡😡😡

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I am almost there! I could certainly curl from one to another but then I couldn't make mastodon listen on specific port 🙄
Tomorrow it will work.

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Oooof, I think it kinda works now!

I managed to build mastodon image and pod for it, kinda in parallel with PR from Hometown who did the same:

My goal is to have a setup for federation without requiring you to run anything with sudo. I already experimented with CNI so it should not be that hard. Was annoying but we're getting there!

I think... I think I managed to at least start mastodon. It won't connect to my server yet but at least it's a start...

I wrote a custom script to initialize it but perhaps I need to also re-wrap it as Dockerfile.

So many spoons.

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I am more and more amazed how anyone manages to set it up.

Like default config for DB just doesn't specify password or user.

There isn't even a guide on how to run w/ containers.

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as certain someone doesn't care about having contributors and can't be arsed to just make a working dockerfile for development I am trying to write one from Vagrantfile.
Should have used their dockerfile for prod as a base, right?

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@trwnh hey, do you know what's the easy way to get masto running for dev (without Vagrantfile and VirtualBox that is)

aw shit here we go again, how to test federation easily

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trapping and releasing animals for science, but some animals more willing than expected 


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