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The stairs leading down into the basement have a ledge along one side. It's easy for Charlemagne to walk onto it, but then he gets stuck. He can't turn around, and he can't jump down, so he stands there and wails.

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the fediverse isnt perfect but it radicalized me and that's not nothing

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GoFundMe, please boost 💛 

Hi everyone, please could you boost this for me. Even £1 helps. Thank you 💛

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Instead of Bitcoin we should have Batcoin and instead of spending them we just collect them and feed them bits of banana and rub their wee tummies

Les one group in dungeon run tonight, was fine, very easy actually.

How do Blood Red Shoes feel like Arctic Monkeys?

german politics 

There are talks about "finally" opening up and I'm pretty sure it will again like the last time: "it's over, I will go smooch the whole street, it's safe now".

Like, does it feel safe enough to open up? When neighbor countries are drowning in infections? Did mutants disappear?

Nope but apparently economy must "brr". I don't believe for a second that it's because of the children.

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One of the most important pieces of wisdom an older anarchist gave me is that all collectives are temporary

I believe it has helped process a good deal of despair

In a world soaked in extractive alienation and exploitation, its not a defeat when one has outlived its momentum, its simply time to compost and reconfigure, like the change of seasons, like taking turns singing a note in a choir

is it just me or dynamically typed impure language with top-level code execution is awful for code-splitting?

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Запускаем онлайн-акцию Транс*Протест! И приглашаем к участию трансгендерных (в т.ч. небинарных, гендерквир, агендерных, гендерфлюидных и всех не-цис) людей из России, Беларуси, Украины, Казахстана и других стран, где продолжают нарушаться права и свободы человека #ТрансПротест ->


Emigrating from one country to another means that I get twice as many news and I am twice as angery.

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Amazon in the US is forcing workers onto a lengthy overnight "megacycle" shift, from 1:20am to 11:50am every day – putting them at higher risk of injury and forcing them to use all their non-working time just recovering from the physical strain of each shift:

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Hey #Tusky Nightly Testers: The most recent nightly build is already pretty close to Tusky 14. How do you like it?

The more I try to make this codebase less of a mess the more it looks like Java


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i mentioned it in a reply, but folks, please be loud about how we don't actually have marriage equality.

if you're disabled and you get married, it is assumed that your partner can take over half of your expenses and care - and your benefits get cut. it doesn't matter if your partner is also disabled.

similarly, there are people who are disabled and have had to divorce in order to continue to receive access to necessary healthcare.

and they have to truly split up. because not being married on paper but continuing to present as if you are married can be considered fraudulent here.

it isn't marriage equality when people are out here having to make these choices. and it isn't marriage equality when disabled people are systematically discouraged from marrying - because, yeah, that's got roots in eugenics. is an article about some of this.

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the 20-person-ish startup I work at is hiring a data systems engineer 

It would particularly make me happy to have more queer people to work with.

Our engineering team is mostly located in Portland, Oregon but we're open to hiring fully remote employees.

Included are some snippets from our company handbook.

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RWE fällt aktuell jetzt wieder Bäume in Morschenich.

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Where tf are more Black and POC mastadon users?! This is so exhausting! Is there a magic hashtag I don’t know about? These hashtags are NOT working. I seem to be the only one using them. Wyt ppl share this, so Black POC users you know can find each other! Thats if you follow any on here lol! #BlackFedi #BlackMastadon @BlackEnbys #qtibpoc #blacktransmagic

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