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>One of the most beautiful districts of Artvin, in Northeast Turkey, Cerratepe activists have struggled for years to stop mining there. One of the old women protestors yelled “Who is the state? If there are no people, then there is no state.”

Pandemic Solidarity

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everyone: wow! corporations cannot hold us back here! we are free

everyone, upon realizing this means people can say whatever fuckshit they want: no. shit. put it back

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Guys, with a new garden year soon beginning I was wondering:

Do you guys think Mastodon would enjoy to see some selfsustainable gardening content? I'm thinking about making an account where I post my progress :)
#selfsustaining #selfsustainable #permaculture #growyourfood

I think I'm missing meta for a few months

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oh no... just learned that @pla passed away?

I'm posting a picture of my still new to me road bike in honor of him.

This was the first boss in the first raid added many years ago and yet it's still harder than some others.

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I managed to get into raid training tonight and we couldn't kill the thing for the second week but it got much better this time I think

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Please support and share this ambitious plan by several grassroots #MutualAid and economic and #RacialJustice groups in Birmingham, AL to transform an abandoned elementary school in the historic Smithfield neighborhood into a mutual aid and community resource center

Smithfield is a majority Black and poor neighborhood in Birmingham with deep ties to the civil rights movement. The former home of Angela Davis is in Smithfield, and parts of the area gained the nickname "Dynamite Hill" due to repeated bombings by the KKK, after segregation laws in the area were overturned allowing Black people to begin moving into the neighborhood

If this plan is rejected, the school will instead be sold to land developers and contribute to further gentrification of the area. Please raise awareness and help support this awesome project to empower this historic community

Read the plan:

Sign the petition:

Donate to the crowdfund campaign:

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birbsite thread about women trump supporters and fiberarts 

check out this thread by the fiber arts teacher I've been a big fan of since forever:

it is about the women who took part in pro-trump rioting and how people are surprised women would do this thing. Abby tells a story about right wing women in the knitting and spinning community.

#fiberarts #knitting #spinning #trump #racism

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Hello I am searching for someone to speak with in Korean and French, it's to study my Korean and have real feedback. And I will give you some as well

Please share 🙏🏻

Spotify spews 4xx/5xx errors more often than not

mental note that is cursed and should be avoided

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Took some long exposure starscapes from the garden last night to test my new 50mm Nikkor prime lens. Much better low light performance than my other lenses :D That's Orion's Belt in the last shot.
#Photography #darktable ble

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#playvicious social, the black led instance in the fediverse has been switched off a couple of days ago, and we wrote a statement as the moderation team of weirder earth about it.

it is a huge loss to the fedi and we realized too late that more solidarity would have been needed. we say goodbye and thank you for everything you did.

read it here:

#fediverse #WeirderAdmin

Working alone means making less pauses and I keep forgetting that and I get wasted too early.

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This evening’s sunset was particularly lovely, and that bird had good timing too!! I can tell the days are getting longer and that is lovely. I count myself lucky to be able to walk and run here every day.

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german appropriation of jewish biographies 

we talked about white people posing as Black lately, also about non-jewish germans posing as jews.
today I googled about the latter and found out there is actually a term in german decribing the act of posing as a jew despite not being one: "Wilkomirski-Syndrom".

it was named after a guy who released a fake autobiography about his childhood as a jewish kid in nazi germany whose pseudonym was Wilkomirski.

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2020 as a self portrait 😷

32x24cm watercolor and white gouache on paper
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