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My phone died yesterday at 38% of the charge while I needed to text about 2 grocery lists and I was not amused at all

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bashing on mars colonialists 

theres water on antarctica. you can breathe the air on antarctica. its on our planet, its one of the biggest continents. antarctica is WAY warmer than mars

yet its ludicrously difficult to establish a permanent human settlement on antarctica, so difficult that one doesn't exist in fact

but people are looking at mars, which has no air, or magnetosphere, very little gravity, sunlight, water, and resources, which is at its warmest is still colder than antarctica's coldest days,

which is ANOTHER PLANET it takes MONTHS or YEARS to get to by multi-billion-dollar rockets

& they somehow think we're ready to build a permanent town there, technologically, socially ,or otherwise


why are yall so keen on wasting human resources like this

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I played a lot of DF Adventure mode and it was fun couple of times.
UI and dialogs are do bad that violence is kinda justified. I would also get super mad from such stupidity.
At least that's the only game I think where you can remove helmet from you opponent, bite & shake them by the cheek and the throw them across the field by their ear.

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Something a poor comrade taught me is solidarity means you don't assume you know what others need. You go to them and ask.

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"Oh boi, I like Dwarf Fortress but I feel weird talking about it because no one's interested. If only there was a place with interested people"

*bay12forums shakes in disbelief*

"...If only there was a place"

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Gotta love mastodev
What? New big feature? Bookmarks? Nothing in Github releases
Nothing in Mastodon official account since 3.0.0 RC1
Nothing in Eugen's offical™profile in the last week (since Indian wave basically)
Where do i have to look at?

I finished watching steelcluthes and...
It was epic. I really worried for characters. And Krugg is just amazing storyteller.
I hate endings.

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Where can I cancel a scheduled status in the web interface 🤔

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Me: But if we revisit every dumb thing I said, we’ll be here all night.

My brain: I’m in!

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#cats are doing that thing again where they look like an alternative album cover

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Coming to #Tusky Nightly today: Bookmark support!
It will only work with Mastodon instances that already run the new bookmarks code. Of course we will wait to release it in the stable channel at least until Mastodon did a release as well.

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oh boy i love buying games digitally so i can own a non transferable non refundable license to play the game on certain devices in perpetuity at the discretion of the publisher and/or merchant until the store goes down

Me, 10 PM: "I should probably stop watching Kruggsmash to get calm before the bed"
Me, 1 AM: "MOAR"

I remember saying to myself that I won't donate to Wikimedia anymore but I can't remember why now. They had some shitty policies, this I remember.

"Ruthless, uncontrolled capitalism is superior because it's closely modeled after the natural world"
"Except there are hardly any hierarchies in the nature"
"That's why we are better!"
*curses heavily*

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