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I know I've posted about this before but I always love when conservatives run out of real-sounding points so they fall back to "yeah well you only want that because it'd be good and make you happy"

DF crashed
More than an hour of gameplay (and really successful one!) is lost.
uuuuuuuuuuuugh idk if I want to come back to that fortress/world now.

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@puffinus_puffinus this list is so cool, thanks a lot!

Do you know what's up with ? It seems to use self-signed cert

@puffinus_puffinus Guardian behaved transphobic af (especially the UK one)

@kensanata true, I thought I've seen some more recent activity but perhaps I was confused

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@melissasage ha, I just thought about a nice video about the northernmost Soviet show-off village in Norway which was conserved super well but it's youtube strike so...

@melissasage okay, thanks. I hate soviets deeply and passionately (hint: I'm from Russia) but as long as you are not Stalinist we can chill just fine I believe

@melissasage I'm still kinda confused because communism != communism and bloody КГБ-МГБ-НКГБ-НКВД-ОГПУ-ГПУ-ВЧК doesn't help lol

@socalledunitedstates @Tusky I think someone reported that if you spam fav something weird happens
but I could not reproduce it 😕

@sl2c @zatnosk I don't think you have to even these days. there are ORMs and whatnot but t might be the reason.

On the theme of fedi software...
Have you seen Kibou? It's a small AP server in Rust which supports Masto API

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