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sadness-adjacent but silly 

didn't expect a can of paint to be so hashtag relatable

@piggo yeah we just have even smaller ones mostly, mine is early and bigger but if you consider that it fits into backpack it's good actually

@piggo lol I have the same case for my work pc, quite chonky

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Does anyone have tips for cats to (1) stop them from scratching at doors or (2) stop them from fixating?

We moved and cat is reverting to old habits. She wants the doors open but she cannot have them open. Anti-scratch sprays do not work. Double-sided tapes, aluminum foil, and draft blockers also don't work. Last time it took 6 weeks and a motion-detecting spray can which we do not have. She has toys and scratching posts, she's just being a dick and I am TIRED.

@c0debabe it took me years to realize that I love writing hacky code.
Too bad I can't use kotlinpoet this time, it only runs on jvm

@Tak okay, not *that* maniacal, just normal gtk

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Please abstain from taking the train if you're a noisy eater. Thank you.

@anarchiv isn't this like changing the cellular operator and going into "roaming"-like thing

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Pick a person to let down 😩

UI spec, long 

@matt okay, now I get it, you like buttons with more physical properties.

UI spec, long 

@matt but there's a ripple going in all directions when you touch it, from the point where you press it? Isn't it clear visual feedback for touching it? What other visual feedback you can have, that the button shifted into the surface?

@matt hm, looking at the last three years I've seen a lot of the gradient/shadow/texture/surface things in manu design languages, be it Material or Apple's design. It's 3D but rather "cartoonish" one

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anyway i have an easy solution to this problem: abolish private automobile usage

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