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If you would like to learn some things about about tree sex and see a debunking of some misinfo that I've seen a few times on social media, I would recommend this twitter thread:

@tindall we would gladly do this but guess what? Google has godawful short limit on changelog length. We've been writing them by hand but gave up and link to releases page now.

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Apparently Zoom straight up lied about conferences being E2E encrypted, and didn’t tell anyone that they were passing personally identifiable data to Facebook & Google for years.

They have just had their ass handed to them by the FTC, and members of a class action lawsuit will be receiving compensation. Also… maybe don’t use Zoom unless your employer makes you. 😬

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It feels weird when art tutorials approach "how to draw boys!"/"how to draw girls!" as if they're different species. Certainly study why something looks feminine/masculine to you, but don't let it limit you! #arttips

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does anyone has a contact with Plume maintainers ?

it's time for me to let go of hosting unfortunately, domain + instance needs to be given to their full control...

@brion they should stick the Olympics high up their asses, stop gentrification and give money to the poor

@distel indeed, even though I cycle everywhere at home I barely cycle in other cities. I just want to look around, not stress because of unknown roads.

wait wait wait

Why when anyone mentions China to US leftists they all switch to whataboutism but the other way around? I can "mind my business" at any countries I lived in and still denounce Uyghur camps.

Is it again US-centrism?

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UI is still pretty quirky but honestly I would rather release something than spend a week polishing it only to abandon.

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Deployed new version on

Now you can filter your followers/following by the date of their last post and you can select the date (hello mastodon ui, you could also do this).

Also now it shows your logins so you don't have to type domain in each time.

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We now have a "Join BookWyrm" page that you can show your friends and where they'll be able to see what the project is about and also find the list of instances so that they can choose which one to join!

@CobaltVelvet after reading so many examples of Chomsky of blatant propaganda I don't believe it's a problem of awareness anymore. They know exactly what they are doing.

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I made an issue for Mastodon => GoToSocial database migration, just to start thinking through it and making a rough draft of a plan.

If you wanna check it out, it's here:

Very much need feedback and some help with planning how this would work.

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My lesbian road trip RPG "Get in the Car, Loser!" will be coming out this September! Learn more at

@kensanata @ekaitz_zarraga @vortex_egg the whole point of e2e is to not trust anyone and the more you can encrypt the better

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