I should probably write a blog post about that but without publishing it on Medium it will probably be seen by like 2 people

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instagram (-) 

@distel also I think most people will schedule it for later, I do that at least

instagram (-) 

@distel can you add clickable links in posts now? it was only possible in profile last time I used it

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would you be annoyed if someone replied to your toot with a caption for your image without tagging you in the reply (this is a thing you can do on mastodon - you create a reply but delete the @ of the person you're replying to)

it's something i consider doing every once in a while when i want to boost something uncaptioned, but i usually just opt to not boost the thing

replies to this are welcome, boosts appreciated

wow I know how to generate kotlin code properly now

@cpsdqs I think this would anyway destroy easing but idk for sure

@cpsdqs you set attributes by how much time is passing unless you use web animations which doesn't work on safari afaik

@nuhn I think it might pollute mentions real quick?

sometimes I wish we had reactions so that it would be possible to send some reaction for "I've read this and I hear you but I don't know what to say"

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@elilla that's the spirit!

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fruits of today’s labor and a two part stencil.

[image description] a rectangular patch printed with black fabric paint on off white fabric. it’s a scroll which reads “if it ain’t cheap, it ain’t punk”]

I wonder if any Germans here are in Deutsch Mieterbund. I know they cam offer real help but idk how they are organized.

@Pops it's only North America, right?
So you know anything like that in Europe? (I mean there's DMB in Germany but idk if it's the same)

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What a bright and beautiful day to join the Autonomous Tenants Union Network


some semi-serious advice on learning german 

@anarchiv gensokyo.social/@Deiru/1046379
remembered how they changed constitution to fuck over the queer people even more

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