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@liaizon @trwnh I've seen some post from as static now

Still can't get used that Pleroma has static pages for posts now

@n0btc nah, that's okay, thanks. I still think menu action is better (it's not so easy to do two finger pull with TalkBack) but now I know that it's not as big of an issue as I though (indicator could be nice tho)

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This is not to say I'm pessimistic about the fedi. Quite the opposite actually. The potential for self run communities that actually help folks is too high for me to be so.

The fedi has allowed me to put into practice a lot of things I've envisioned since I've been social on the web. And it's working.

But in doing so, it has exposed the biggest problem in social media are the biases a lot of people refuse to let go of or even acknowledge.

It has nothing to do with technology or development.

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@n0btc huh, didn't know that! Google recommends having a menu action and I proposed a design change which would allow us doing that but that's no small task. Do they have a menu action for refresh?

@n0btc can I ask how you refresh timelines/notifications now? To our shame we still don't have any menu action or the like for that and I don't know if TalkBack provides any way to perform pull-to-refresh, I think not.

@n0btc that's no annoyance at all, thanks for pointing it out, it's easy to miss this stuff when you don't use it every day although it's a bad excuse, we should test it more

@n0btc other buttons are also not accessible by design and actions are in accessibility menu but we are missing some of the actions there, thanks for bringing it up, should fix it soon

@cwebber yeah, I can't grow stuff but I think one must try and kill some stuff first
here's some inspiration

@n0btc can you please describe what's missing? Maybe I forgot something, are some options missing from accessibility menu?

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There is a #github issue for #ForgeFed federation in #gitea but the devs want feedback before adding #ActivityPub #fediverse support:

1. Who wants this feature? Personal gitea user / Companies with private gitea / Git hosting website via gitea or others?

2. Why they need this feature?

3. How they want to use this feature?

Maybe you can help them and provide the answers.

@cwebber (trees may be even better or fruit bearing bushes)

@darius I was wondering if there's an AP to email bridge

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animal death, reddit 

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There was a Last Week Tonight about Amazon warehouses and it's p cool

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