I don't like to rant about the software built by volunteers but it's already third Fedora version and GNOME software still loads forever quite often. Only killing it helps.


I spent my afternoon with a bunch or screaming computers and how are you doing

Received printed version of Low-Tech magazine which I want to give as a present.

> In 2019, the world’s billionaires, only 2,153 people, had more wealth than 4.6 billion people.

>The combined wealth of the world’s
22 richest men is more than the
wealth of all the women in Africa.

>If you saved $10,000 a day since the
building of the pyramids in Egypt you
would have only one-fifth the average
fortune of the 5 richest billionaires.


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I poked quite a lot today, went through the some issues, both old and new, tried to fix error UI for landscape and couldn't do it in all cases (the most annoying frontend thing ever is weird UI shit) and added option to confirm boosts.


Photo of room full of boxes
Photo of naked trees, sky and some houses in the distance.

Someone decided to steal my handlebar cover today?... Like, I hated them anyway and they only took the bottom part...
So I finally replaces them with much nicer bands. Never did this before, screwed up a little but I'm satisfied overall. PartTool video tutorials are the best.
I discovered bike shop which I always considered super fancy but which is very humble actually.
Fixed couple of other embarrassments about the bike but didn't manage to adjust derailleur yet.

Just learned about „Schwarze Katze“ Soli-Espresso and Flying Roasters.

First is coffee which supports syndicalists, second are roasters who are part of Roasters United which is "a group of coffee roasters based in Europe committed to work directly with small farmers cooperatives to promote high quality coffees that are organically grown in democracy".


Roasters United:

Setting it up.

Google is more obnoxious every year, it's super hard to disable even basic things.

I don't remember seeing this comic co-written by Doctorow before. German libraries are pretty dope I must say.

The last reply was three facepalm emojis, now this. This person really knows how to argue, wow.


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