I've tried to reproduce one bug for (unsuccessfully) and then tried to use blurhash and it's almost done now, I believe, but I've spent way more energy and time than I planned

I tried to use blurhash in and it was unbelievably slow for some reason.

We have this now
In other news: my camera is batshit. They're more pink irl.


I little bit gruelsome 

I thought I was done but then one elf zombie showed up and disappeared immediately
I don't mind at all.

We visited some game-related exhibition today, there was some nice art there. I also played Sim City on Amiga and Fortnite (first time, I died immediately).

We also went to another place, today there was nothing working but cafe (a little bit) and skate park but we had a look at community garden and it looked pretty cool! There are also bees there.




Test stuff

(It's a wall which says "fuck cops", sorry cannot caption yet)

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