Deployed new version on

Now you can filter your followers/following by the date of their last post and you can select the date (hello mastodon ui, you could also do this).

Also now it shows your logins so you don't have to type domain in each time.

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Had a nice bike ride today, got lost in suburbs a lot again, seen a cute village.

And it's done (for now)! There are screw-ups where I didn't put or sand primer properly so the paint is not smooth but I hope it will hold for some time.
I learned quite a bit.

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Found screw-ups, fixed them, changed saddle, found screw-ups, polished parts, found screw-ups...

Now more waiting.

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First layer of black paint is done.
Because I've never seen protector ring on a spraycan before I managed to blast myself into the face with black paint like a totally dumbass I am. I am fine, only arm is partially colored still.

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TIL that Midnight Diner is filmed on a set in a warehouse! Attention to detail is insane.

Check photos here

And here we are! I polished rim and cleaned wheels. I couldn't remove rust from the pedals tho.

This new clamp made break adjustment, which is usually hellish, trivial. I'm so glad I have it now. When I removed break pads I realized that yeah, the time has come long time ago.

I also applied primer. I underestimated how many places were damaged, probably stripping bike clean and then painting would be smarter but I don't have tools for that anyway. Removing damn sticker prolly took an hour.

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Bought some stuff and received some stuff. Already started applying some!

It's funny and a bit shocking how many soviet goods had price "hardcoded" onto them. Like not only the price was same everywhere for it but also it wasn't expected to change.

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Hey, I've just deployed the first preview of Refollower:

Please try it out and give me feedback!

It's still pretty rough but I'm happy with it nonetheless.


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I rewrote it with Preact and also made it much nicer. I've lost the buttons temporarily and there are some other issues but it's nothing unsolvable.

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