Honestly just answered "neutral" on many questions which miss all the nuance that makes a difference. That's why I think such questionnaires are meh.

german politics kinda, funny 

what is going on there
why is there some house with oven and stuff
I have so many questions

1. Why is this Spotify thing only works on mobile, it's a freaking slideshow
2. Why does it look like stories, people cannot digest anything but stories anymore?
3. Why did I listen to knee socks so much jeez
(It's only since September)

gw2 screenshot thread, PoF spoilers? 

My rather low graphics settings still manage to produce "wow" quite often

This took more from me than I dare to admit, I was trying basically the same things and they either worked or did not all the time but eventually it just worked?

I don't know anything anymore

Ok another thing, if I'm lucky I might be able to even do lists soon

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Went to the small store super close from here and they have *lots* of stuff, even the whopping 3 ales (Irish, Scottish and American) and here's what I brought back.

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