Oh my god, finally?
This MIME stuff took something from me which I will never be able to get back but I can show attachments now! Woo-hoo!

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I like Geary and I *really* wanted to test it with Geary.
I ended up building it myself and debugging *a lot* but I finally managed to show an email in it. It still barely works because Geary expects a lot of stuff from the server and it is not very forgiving but it's a good test for the code, I had to add/fix a bunch of stuff already and it will help with all clients.

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The saying goes, if you leave me with computer for half an hour I will write a parser combinator

Today I've found out about the peculiar lowercase g in Chivo. I can't unsee it now.

That's it, I finished memhaz
Now I can work through uuuh some of these

"mom, can we get Stellaris"
"we've got Stellaris at home"

Stellaris at home:

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