Early morning was so good, chilly enough to enjoy the sun.

Kinda implemented bookmarks for Pinafore, I hope Nolan will help me with remaining bugs. It was too annoying to switch to vanilla each time.


be it tech or leftism i see it all over the place

I saw a dog in a bike basket cage when entering a supermarket and it was so cute but I couldn't take a photo.

but! When I was going out of it there was another one!

So, yeah, it works and it's readable and there are no big aesthetic losses. Maybe one could pick another color from the official palette, idk

did it with

.reply-indicator__content a, .status__content a {
color: ;

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Well it seems like quite some percent of people would like to have it so I invested shitload of time into improving feedback for it.
It's not merged yet so it can still change but I think it's an improvement. I would like to make background semi-transparent when it happens too but I didn't manage it so far.

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