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If I don't follow you or know you, please write me a short message - how did you find me or even better, something about yourself. We can get to know each other better this way. Thanks!

Once again:


@charlag Hi, got to notice you through my timeline and your toot about Blokada, kindly asking for your permission to follow you, in order to get your toots boosted more prominently in my timeline, because they are of topics I'm interested in.

@charlag hey! I'm almost new in mastodon. A friend suggest me to follow you! I'm an applied mathematician, computer science lover and open science advocate :) (Studying MSc in physics and maths rn)

@charlag Hi! You followed me but I'll still @ you as requested. I've been a coder since it was called programming. This account is to keep my artistic self alive. Cheers

@charlag I'm not sure if you followed me, but you favourited and boosted one of my posts a few hours ago. Is it ok if I follow you (it really does sound creepy when asked explicitly doesn't it ;)

@strypey it doesn't! Thanks for asking, sure you can, just adding a message is okay

@charlag just imagine someone saying "Is it ok if I follow you" in a Heath-Ledger-as-Joker-voice. You gotta admit that's at least a little bit creepy ;)

> just adding a message is okay

Not sure I follow this bit ...

@strypey like "hey, I sent a follow request, I like this and that" and it doesn't sound creepy I think lol

@charlag nah, it doesn't have to. Maybe the UI could be tweaked to request text when someone clicks the follow button? Like the Loomio UI does when users send a 'join group' request. That said, I don't really care who follows me, and I wouldn't want to have to read all the follow request texts. I usually just click on people that follow me, read their description and a few posts, and decide if I want to follow them back.

@charlag Hi there! This feels kind of odd like I'm auditioning for a part or something, but I'm a crusty old geek (in the industry for 27 years) who builds fluffy clouds for Amazon Web Services (alias THE EVIL EMPIRE if you believe some folks on here :) and is super interested in Linux, infosec, obv cloud computing, and the intersection of computing and art. I also have a penchant for old computers - my first was an Atari 400 and I'm a lapsed Amiga zealot :)

@feoh wow, sounds great!
I just try to filter out nazis and bots and get to know people better. Nice to meet you!

@charlag Makes perfect sense. Since I use Mastodon I haven't actually encountered an overt Nazi yet in my Fediverse experience.

@feoh and yeah, Amazon is pretty much evil empire ;)

@charlag Enh. Corporations are neither good nor evil. They're inherently a-moral, and here in the US they're actually required to be so by law. Kind of a busted way to run a society I'll warrant but here we are :) I'm all for fully automated luxury space communism but we're nowhere near there yet and I'd be shocked if we get there in my lifetime.

@charlag Note that "in my lifetime" also nods at the fact that should the current capitalist society and economic structure fall, I will absolutely positively 100% die, because I am a niche case that depends on specialized medication for my survival and you all running around in your Mad Max scenarios will be treading upon my bones on the way to the Thunderdome :)

@charlag I'd like to follow you because I find what you write insightful and interesting, but I'm not easily offended so telling me to buzz off is perfectly reasonable as well :)

@charlag Good day. I found you because you favourited one of my #smallstories. (thanks) I honor your desire for connection before following. cool. I live in Vermont. For 33 years, I was a professional journalist & had the good fortune of working w. some excellent souls. We did good. Then I founded a nonprofit, to provide safe space & mentoring to kids so they could learn to write their way out of a paper bag. Now I write for myself (novel), take pix & go outdoors.

@GeoffreyGevalt hey! Thanks a lot for writing this, I really appreciate it ⭐feel free to follow and expect the same from me

@charlag yes, I'd love to know more about you. I spun through your posts and boosts and love your eye and interests.

@charlag by way, my current work resides, sort of, on

My most recent piece, a character sketch I morphed into a short story, was presented on stage last month. Here:

@charlag Hi, I found you on the federated timeline and I'm also into Libre/FOSS!

@charlag Hi! I found interesting your recent thread about (dis)advantages of the messaging protocols, and would like to have more stuff like that in my timeline :)

@charlag hello, I get paid for Haskell, and we have people in common, I figured I'd follow you and see if I like your feed.
Today I'm fighting getting hoogle working with stack on a 200 k line codebase, what are you doing?

@charlag heya, you helped me out in the tusky chat the other day :)

@dumpsterqueer hey, you helped us find a crash the other day!

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