I feel bad that we as Tusky were not prepared to take new users. We basically have no onboarding flow because we've never expected people to join mastodon through us. People are used to do everything though the apps, though.

Decade of training people to search things through app stores has huge effect. That's going to be a problem for PWAs too.

That's a big problem for free software.

That's why it's so important to develop good apps! We need to implement a lot of things and it's a huge responsibility: for many Mastodon is only as gold as our app is.

@charlag I didn't even know people *could* join mastodon through Tusky. Don't you have to have an account already to even log in?

@ink_slinger we do it through a browser so you can sign up there

@charlag Definitely not unsolvable though, it shouldn't be hard for you to link to And that should be enough for most new users.

Looking at proprietary apps (which I generally don't use), it's often the case they link online for signups.

@alcinnz yeah but if we want to be nice and welcoming and make it easier for people we need some kind of intro. We have a button which opens popup with a link to joinmastodon bur that's not enough. I woudn't be sold by such an app.

@charlag im confident that over time yall will get it streamlined. ive been using tusky for awhile and its the best app experience ive had thus far

@ratbaby thanks. We're still lagging behind in many regards and we've far from something like Twitter in usability or from Mastalab in features.

Not sure if you've heard of it but on Android there's F-Droid, which is an app store for free software:

The catch is that people have to check the "Allow software from third parties" box in the preferences, which all the fearmongering security "experts" say not to do. But it's there and it has some good apps.

@charlag perhaps a "create a new account" flow that takes new users through a selection process to choose where they land in the fediverse?

@charlag I do QA by trade, with a little bit of user requirements writing/analysis. Can I help out somehow?

@rubah of course you can! You can analyze and formalize how features could/should be implemented, improve or fill bug reports and more.
We have a Matrix room now!PWkUGGpe

so feel free to ask! We've been busy recently, tho so it may be a lil slow

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