Typescript sucks and stiffles a lot of the creative development you can do with javascript, if you want to program like java just use java :")


@f0x challenge me to express something in ts ;P

@charlag you can probably express anything in it, the issue for me is adding the type signatures everywhere wastes time and can be needlessly constrictive.. I spend more time fighting the compiler than writing the code I set out to write

@f0x I think that's fair! It also highly depends on how you think and on the size of the project and the size of the team (e.g. I read code so much more than I write it and it is the only thing that allows refactoring) and practices and etc.

Personally I only spent any significant time on types when I was doing 1. very meta metaprogramming or 2. trying to type poorly designed libraries correctly.

I'll shut up now, thank you for enduring my blabbering :)

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