While this (rather old) article is formally about clothes it's actually about gender and how cis men can do and what they should do to destroy it

tl;dr men are a ruling class and the manhood is guarded, women are allowed to aspire for it but not reach it, men who step away from the class are ridiculed at best. It won't change much until men themselves get rid of it

If you are a cis, well-adjusted man, do us all a favor, destroy some gender if you can. If not a dress then a floral pattern, idk

this is also ties to a thing few of us talked about few weeks ago, format attire *reeks* of status and privilege and hierarchy. Down with it.

@distel @charlag @eldang I recently bought a 5 pack of bright pink t-shirts, does that count?

@charlag cis men I wanna make u dresses, lemme make u dresses pleeease

(note I'm not like, only down to make dresses for cis men lol
although flat chests do make it easier on me ngl)

@raphaelmorgan on one side destroy gender
On another I am already constantly terrified by people without any weirdness

@charlag that's how I started about a decade ago, picked away a bit here and there ever since. This year I finally told some close friends I'm more comfortable with they than he, and they all went "yeah that makes sense. welcome" 🙂

@charlag that first paragraph has me like 😍💦

@charlag "...whereas virtually every girl in the world wishes she were a boy and the majority of them try to look like boys, and act like boys, and dress like boys?"


@carcinopithecus that's an except from article from, what, 50s? I don't remember

Of course all women just dreaming of being men! /s

@charlag 1938, between the Depression and WWII

i'm still doubtful about the literal truth of "most" but yeah that seems to make more sense in context than if someone said that now

@carcinopithecus I mean that's a very fucked up thing to say, I just want to point out that it's a quote from elsewhere

@charlag this article is basically outlining a lot of my issues lately with feminizing my clothing and how it's socially perceived and engaged with.

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