The further I am into Psychonauts the more I'm like "woah"

you actually get spoiled towards the end so much that it's hard to impress you.

also I love that this one actually takes mental health seriously. it's not one bit less funny yet it's much deeper

random game development fact 

>Esmurdoc stated that Psychonauts took about 4.5 years to complete — though that without all the complications the real development time was closer to 2 years — with a team of 42 full-time developers and additional contractors, with a final budget of $11.5 million

wow wtf, that's the *original* one from 2005, how much does the new one cost then


now I got the bloody circus music stuck in my head
you know, from *that* circus

I finished it. Some mixed feelings, some things aren't *bad* just not *great*.

Can I just say that I love the art style that just screams "90s cartoon"?

gaems, Psychonauts 

Playing the first one. There are so many problems with it.

Later levels are super ingenious (still!) but there are so many boring tutorial levels first.
Many powers don't work very well.
Progress gated at one point behind currency wtf.
Some puzzle elements are just way too hard to figure out.

I guess it's like old movies, "to get to this brilliant part you need to get through a lot of questionable things"

gaems, Psychonauts 

Okay meat circus is *still* a miserable experience but it's a bit less broken now, like rails actually work thank gods.

gaems, Psychonauts 

I still think bosses are just *so* much better in the first one. You need to figure each one out and not spam shoot.

Also later levels are all very original, even by today's standard, not even talking 20y ago. I can't say it without spoilers but each is a game in game IMO.

Another thing I like is that it gets progressively creepier and pretty fast.

All of those things are kind of missing in the second one.

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