I spent part of my morning just looking at Ivan Vlaimirov paintings. He was a Realist painter who served in the Petrograd militia during the October Revolution.

Anyway this one is called "Down With The Eagles." Revolutionaries are ripping an Imperial eagle off a drugstore.

This one is The Abdication of the Czar. Portraits of the czar and his family are destroyed by celebrating revolutionaries.

The Barricades of the Red Guards, 1971. Vladimirov was a draftsman and didn't really embellish much.

In The Moments of Rest, 1917. I love this lady, totally not bothered with her big-ass cavalry sabre.

Vandalism of the Winter Palace in December, painted in 1917. The Winter Palace, if you go there today, is an art museum. I want to go there so fucking badly.


@InternetEh Hermitage is so fucking big it's impossible to do it in one swallow. I tried and failed more than once.

@charlag I would love to try

I enjoy getting blitzed and doing their virtual tour online

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