Okay the time has come

(that's about tusky navigation and not what you think!)

@charlag Thanks for pointing me to that option, I didn't know that yet!

@charlag Bottom navigation is my choice! Easy and accessible one hand navigation.

@charlag I consider this to be a part of ergonomics. Thus, the individual user should be able to make that choice. An option would be best.

@zinnober I appreciate your opinion but yknow it *is* a preference?

@charlag So, you're asking just for yourself or to get a default?

@zinnober I am just asking because I'm curious. Do you not use Tusky if you don't know that this is an option?

@charlag I've been using it for a long time, so I already forgot about that menu. 😅

My routine is to go through every setting after installation and then forget about them afterwards (if not security related).

@charlag It belongs on the top, there are gestures for a reason. Gives you more space to interact with messages without having to reach as far.

@gudenau well yeah technically if there's bottom navigation it shouldn't be scrollable (like official app)

@gudenau Same here - top navigation with left/right swiping to switch tabs.

@twann bottom is more convenient. I would be okay without gestures for the most part with it

@charlag Just found it.
Thanks for your feedback.

I like options to configure... :blobcatfingerguns:

@nick yeah I get it but when you have more than a few no one can find anything and supporting them becomes a nightmare

Ah, damn, you are right. Just found it.
So the reason for your question is just to get the information, who uses what?

@nick basically yes. Now you are the second person who says "what about an option" and either it's really hard to find or it's not really needed

I have to admit, i haven't checked before answering. Just thought about your question and liked the idea of letting the user chose...

@charlag I like it on the bottom just because the top isn't reachable as good 👌🏼

@charlag sooo... what is it anyways🤔i chose top, but if it's about the nav bar, i'd retreat

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